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Mumbaikars Learns Growing Organic Vegetables At Home from Recyclable Materials An innovative platform build by Growel’s 101



Recycle trash for beautiful and smarter homes at Organic Kitchen Garden Workshop in Growel's 101 Mall_3On the eve of World Earth Day, Growel’s 101 Mall in association with Earthoholics conducted a 2 hour workshop to provide hands on experience on optimum utilization of natural resources and urban farming to the participants. A live display of the innovative recycling process which turns scrap to useful objects was also being shown to encourage people to conserve environment.

The Tetra Pak recycling initiative was organized at the mall to educate people on how the empty Tetra Pak coming out of their home can be converted into benches which can be used in a classroom. This initiative will encourage the neighborhood people to collect the used Tetra Pak and dumped them in a recycled bin in the mall.

With depletion of green patches and degrading atmosphere across the globe, there is a dire need for taking such initiatives towards the conservation of environment. The mall has always been associated with environmental causes and involving its customers to participate in a way which can contribute to the conservation of nature.

Throughout the workshop, people learnt how a crushed plastic bottle, those soiled pair of boots could be used for planting the organic vegetables in your vicinity. Growel’s101 had also put up an outdoor display of recycled planters/pots growing organic vegetables in the mall premises. Other topics of discussion and demonstration in the workshop will be optimizing sunlight, soil & manure mix, pot &sizes of plants that can fit in, sowing seeds, transplanting plants, sowing spinach, micro green and natural pest remedies.