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Mrs. India 2015 – Priyanka Khurana Goyal supports environmental causes



Mrs. India 2DSC_7497015 – Priyanka Khurana Goyal continues her initiative of promoting women enterprise and environmental causes. In this journey she has joined hands with social activist, environmentalist and entrepreneur Naomi Pereira.  Priyanka visited the Lil flea exhibition this weekend to support Naomi at her stall on gardening material. This cause is specially dear to Priyanka as she will soon be representing India in Mrs. Earth pageant.

On this ocassion Priyanka said,“ I think focus on environment should be as big as focus on defense, health, employment etc in a country. If there is no environment, trees or nature in a nation, what is there to defend and live for anyway! True meaning of life is not living for yourself only. The moment you start thinking about nature, trees and environment, you at least have made a beginning to discover the real pleasures of life as this is one activity that gives you a strange sort of deep satisfaction, which I believe only nature is capable of providing! I am really supportive of Mrs Naomi’s initiative in this direction.”