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Modi has ‘tweaked’India’s foreign policy in its favour: VK Singh



Minister of State for Overseas Indian Affairs V.K. Singh on Thursday said in the last one year Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “tweaked” the Indian foreign policy in such a way that the entire world is looking towards India with renewed faith and respect.

“The way we evacuated Indians and people of other nationalities from Yemen has brought laurels for India from across the globe. We evacuated 5000 Indians and 1500 foreign nationals from Yemen under very difficult circumstances…It was noticed by the world,’’ the former Army Chief said at Aaj Tak’s Manthan programme organised to mark Modi government’s one year in office.

Referring to Mr. Modi’s recent China trip, General (retd) Singh said there has been a forward movement and both nations were renewing their friendship and rebuilding trust. “Both India and China know that their complex issues can be solved only through talks…Leaders of both nations are building new relationships that will help in dealing with complex border issues in days to come,’’ he added.

On the issue of China not “cooperating” with India to counter international terrorism and particularly to push in the United Nations to declare Pakistan’s Syed Salauddin as a terrorist, Singh said, “In the long run, China will stand with India on international terrorism.”

Singh also reiterated his Government’s discomfort at Pakistan reaching out to the Hurriyat leaders some months ago. “There is a general understanding of signals that certain things should not be done. When the Prime Minister reached out to the SAARC countries soon after forming his Government, certain signals were sent. I think Pakistan now understands these signals.”


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