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Michael Ward presents Bombairiya



Radhika Apte at the announcement of BombairiyaIt was a star-studded night at the launch of Kreo Films &Beautiful Bay Productions’ much awaited film Bombairiya. The event was held at the renowned suburban joint, Zapata’s bistro and bar. Present at the venue were the starcast Radhika Aapte, Akshay Oberoi, Siddhanth Kapoor and Ravi Kishan along with the director Pia Sukanya and India-born British producer Michael Ward.

Bombairiya will capture Mumbai’s multiple  shades and the state of conflict that grips most of its dwellers. The film will not just capture the city of dreams in a new light but more importantly a true light. Based on events from tinsel town, the story revolves  around Meghna, a film publicist (played by Radhika Aapte)who has her phone stolen on a city street and borrows one belonging to Abhishek a middle class IT programmer (played by Akshay Oberoi) so she can make contact with the nameless Thief ( Siddhanth Kapoor ).

“I fell in love with script and my character as soon as it was narrated. Beyond the script, I loved the degree of clarity that Michael and Pia have regarding the treatment and flow of film. When I met them I knew that this project was close to their heart and they had done their ‘homework’ rather thoroughly. I am excited for the shoot and I am sure we will show a side of Mumbai to the audience that most are unaware of” said Radhika.

A very elated Michael added “I am glad that we are ready to roll with Bombairiya. This is my debut project in Bollywood and this is the kind of script that has attracted international interest from Producer Colin Burrows of Beautiful Bay and the team at Kreo Films. Personally I have very strong and deep rooted ties with both India and Bollywood and I am surethat this is the best time to createthis kind of film, the way we intended, without any compromises.” Michael, is representing Kreo Films of Dubai who have tasked him to explore Indian opportunities. His marriage to Director Pia last year has paved the way for this and several more co-productions between India, the UK and the U.A.E. Michael was Lead Producer & Original Adaptor for The Far Pavilions West End Musical that ran at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre and theatrical director for Miss Bollywood, a ‘dansical’ starring Shilpa Shetty.

As Director of Bombairiya and of Beautiful Bay Entertainment, Pia also dons several hats. Direction, script-writing, acting, song-writing and singing are some of her talents. “As a debutant director, I am thrilled with the star cast and depth of acting talents that have come on board. I know Radhika will make a fascinating and captivating Meghna and Akshay will become her well-meaning but irritating knight in shining armour, till the circumstances force them to look at each other as possible mates!” I’m looking forward to working with Ravi Kishan And SiddhantKapoor.”

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