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Mevolife launches its Fitness App and Merchandise to Mevotivate Indians



LtoR - Khyati Mahajan, Founder of Mevolife, Lauren Gottlieb, Bollywood and Fitness Diva, Kirat Damani, Ex Ranji Trophy Winner Lauren Gottlieb the brand ambassador of Mevolife endorses the simplest all-in-one health & fitness app

Mumbai, January 28, 2017: MevoLife a true all round fitness system that boosts your health and lifestyle, announced the launch of its merchandise and fitness app – MevoLife today by Lauren Gottlieb, Bollywood actress, dance and fitness Diva.

MevoLife is launching the first edition of their exclusive fitness bands – MevoFit Drive. The band can be easily connected via blue tooth and offers amazing features like tracking steps, calories, distance & active minutes. Along with this the band also inhibits, multi-sport modes with reminders & alerts for social accounts and sedentary motion. The band is light weight, skin friendly, splash proof and scratch tolerant.

Being an avid fitness follower myself, I started trying various apps available and found some of them quite interesting & had started using them actively. But after sometime I came to a point of fatigue having to deal with over five apps simply to maintain my needs from available features. This got me thinking which helped create my own fitness app – MevoLife.  The only intend behind the app was to build a 360 degree solution for all the people looking for fitness with amazing features like  calorie tracker with nutrition facts of more than 5 lakh food items, workout plans, meal recommendations, fitness challenges, 500+ healthy recipes. Additionally this is the first fitness app that has REWARDS as an inbuilt feature which can be earned for each activity you use in the app. Now we have over 100,000 lakh users in 4 months and has a consistent 4.6 rating on google playstore”, commented Khyati Mahajan, Founder & CEO, Mevolife.

“MevoLife spreads the importance of healthy living and taking the right steps towards absolute fitness because ‘ignorance isn’t a bliss’ when it comes to your personal well-being & health. It’s also a platform for you to explore your true potential. I am glad to be a part of Mevolife which is working towards the benefit of people’s health and fitness.added Lauren Gottlieb, Bollywood actress, dance and fitness Diva.

Kirat Damani, ex Ranji Trophy player who has been actively using MevoFit shared his wonderful personal experiences about the app.       

The winners of the app got a chance to interact and were felicitated by Lauren Gottlieb. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the health info that is out there, simply download MEVO-WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS to get the right coaching & support that you need!

Mevo is a new way to approach your Fitness. It’s not just an app; it’s a complete lifestyle that complements your everyday living. It is a wholesome and integrated approach to living fit in every possibility end. This app will surely change the way to look at fitness as it’s a one stop solution that provides every possible thing you can think around Fitness!  So why have 5 apps, have one on your phone! Have ” Mevo” – The Absolute Fitness.

The MevoLife nutrition-fitness system has been designed to provide you with a fun and accessible way to get the information and support you need to attain your health goals- permanently. There will be no more falling off the wagon with our free coaching and support.

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