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Medicover hospitals celebrated World Health Day with a theme “Back to the Roots”



Medicover hospitals theme “Back to the Roots” made World Health Day celebration a Grand Success


Every year, World Health Day is marked on April 7th, 2023, to spread awareness and support for healthcare issues affecting communities globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrating World Health Day’s 75th anniversary with the theme “Health for All”.


In view of the World Health Day celebration Medicover Hospitals had introduced a theme “Back to the Roots” to encourage people to recognise and follow our ancestors’ healthy lifestyle habits for a robust health.


Indian culture and traditions are blessed with scientific knowledge. Our ancestors have been following these ancient ayurvedic traditional practices for many years to have a sound body and mind.


Medicover Hospitals aims to spread awareness about the significance of Indian traditional living so that people in today’s generation live healthier lives and prevent the occurrence of various diseases. Few of the Indian traditional practices include consuming churned buttermilk, cooking food in earthenware, keeping footwear outside before entering the house, eating with your hands, eating meal and drinking water by sitting down, eating homemade food, early dinners, getting up early in the morning, etc.


On the occasion, Dr. Anil Krishna, Chairman and Managing Director at Medicover Hospitals, said, “Modern medicine has its benefits, but we can learn a lot from our ancestors, who relied on natural remedies and simple lifestyle modifications to stay healthy. Back to the Roots was an excellent World Health Day theme this year, encouraging us to reconnect with nature and adopt old practices that enhance overall health, both physically and mentally.”


” I hope the Back to the Roots theme has made people aware of our rich Indian culture and tradition and how it helped our elders live an active lifestyle. By promoting this campaign Medicover Hospitals aims to inspire people to prioritise their health and wellness.” said Dr Dr Manish Pendse, Internal Medicine Expert, Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai


To encourage everyone’s participation in the World Health Day campaign, Medicover Hospitals offered a free health checkup coupon to anyone who commented on their social media page mentioning about which old age practice they are following.