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Manipal Academy of Higher Education(MAHE) unveils plans for back to campus and maintaining continuity of learning and development of students amid the pandemic



Manipal, August 11, 2021: Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), an Institution of Eminence and one of India’s leading academic and research institutions unveiled its plans on back to college campus and the preparations that are underway for a smooth transition from online to classroom mode for all its students. The press conference was addressed by Dr. HS Ballal – Pro-Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Lt Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dr Narayana Sabhahit – Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, and Mr. SP. Kar, Convener of Press Conference and Director, PR Media & Social Media Cell- Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Further to the announcement made by the Government of Karnataka for students of Higher Education and professional colleges to return to campus, MAHE too has paved the way for all its students to make this transition seamless and how all the colleges and universities of MAHE will function as per the protocols and ensure the students are safe and continue their learning in the shadow of the pandemic. In addition, since the announcement of NEP 2020, MAHE is aligning all its courses across its colleges in line with the proposed guidelines by the Government of India last year.

Dr. HS Ballal – Pro-Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education said “At MAHE we want the best for our students, starting from proving covid vaccination or be it financial aid to covid impacted students. During these challenging times, we have been resilient and providing all the support to our students. The impact of COVID in the Education sector has been massive. Institutes and universities have adopted the “new normal” and “virtual education”, so the students do not have to suffer in their studies and career. With students now slowly returning to campus, we will ensure covid protocols are followed with utmost sincerity while the students learn and grow . “

Sharing his views, Lt Gen Dr. Venkatesh – Vice-Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, said, “Considering the evolving changes in the education sector especially in the COVID era, colleges and universities are trying to build a future-ready and pandemic proof environment and we are happy to say that MAHE has achieved significant progress. We are all set to welcome our students to the college campus. Our COVID 19 vaccination drive for all our students and staff has made us better prepared for a smooth transition from online to classroom mode. We will continue to implement all Government protocols of maintaining high standards of safety for students on campus with COVID appropriate measures. MAHE has already created a road map for implementation of NEP 2020”.

Dr Narayana Sabhahit – Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, said “At MAHE we have always kept our students as our topmost priority. We have achieved a seamless and uninterrupted education continuity for all our students across all departments/courses. We have guided our students at every step since the pandemic in 2020 last year. Fortunately, all the exams, tests and courses were conducted seamlessly. We have received overwhelming response from students seeking new admission at MAHE. We are proud to say that our faculty and students have collaborated to sail through the pandemic. With the implementation of the new NEP policy, we aim to build a stronger and value-based higher education system.”

Mr. SP. Kar, Convener of the Press Conference and Director, PR Media & Social Media Cell- MAHE, informed and highlighted “the achievements of MAHE on the ranking and accreditation by various national and international agencies. He further added, most of the constituent Institutions of MAHE have either improved or maintained their ranking as compared to previous year”.