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Love Exchange is a film which shows a love story of a marriage with different cultural backgrounds



Mohit Madan(Lead Actor) and Jyoti Sharma (Lead Actress) (2)Offering a fun take on a serious topic of a love story of a marriage with different cultural backgrounds, the cast and the crew of the film Love Exchange will activate your funny bone with the situations in the film. The obstacles which couple faces belonging to different religion with a desire to adapt to each other’s culture is shown in a very pleasant way by adding a pinch of comedy flavour to the film Love Exchange.

Talking about the Movie Love Exchange Director Raj. V. Shetty stated“I didn’t want to make a typical film by showing the same story where two families meet and object the culture and values of the other caste. Film Love Exchange is a light heart comedy movie and the audience will truly get to witness a different flavour in it.”


Film “LOVE EXCHANGE” is a Rom Com which deals with two youngsters- Sid and Shanoo who meet at the work place and develop deep love for each other. Everything looks just right but no love is strong enough if it does not stand the test of obstacles. And the obstacle is the clash of cultures. Sid is the son of Mr. Sathe and Shanoo is the daughter of Mr. Kapoor. Before they can announce their love to their parents, the parents are ready with a plan to separate the lovers.

sMr. Sathe and Mr. Kapoor get together as a team and set a condition for Sid and Shanoo. Sid will live in Punjabi Mr. Kapoor’s house and Shanoo will live in Maharashtrian Mr. Sathes house for 3months. Let’s wait and watch what happens next…

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