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LOL! Laugh out loud to keep heart disease at bay Kohinoor hospital’s laughter therapy for heart patients on World Heart day brings cheer and good health



Actor Sonali Kulkarni shares a hearty laugh at Kohinoor Hospital laughter therapy session for heart patients 1Mumbai September, 2017: Laughter is said to be the best medicine and a magical cure for all ailments. A hearty laugh not only reduces stress but also strengthens your body’s immune system against diseases. And for an ailing heart its benefits are galore as it lowers blood pressure which reduces one’s risk of a heart attack.

Hence, on the eve of World Heart Day, Kohinoor hospital, Kurla organised a laughter therapy program Laugh for a Healthy Heart for its heart patients. The event held today was conducted by team of cardiologists at Kohinoor hospital and Bollywood actress Sonali Kulkarni was the chief guest.

Laughter has multiple benefits as it not only makes one feel good but also aids physical recovery from ailments. It is said that where there is laughter, it is very difficult for diseases and enemies to stay. It is possible to guard your heart against the onslaught of heart disease with good diet, exercise and a healthy dose of laughter.

According to Dr Deepak Shinde, Interventional Cardiologist Kohinoor Hospital“A good laugh releases the feel-good chemicals known as endorphins which relaxes your body. No wonder comedy shows are such a big hit today.”

Laughter acts as a natural pain reliever and also reduces stress-inducing cortisols a chemical known to cause heart disease, blood pressure and belly fat. Thus, with a good laugh you can not only protect your heart but also keep obesity at bay. A hearty laugh ensures your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It ups one’s happiness quotient and also makes one socially attractive, Dr Shinde added