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Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre and Spinal Bifida Foundations Introducing A New Fetal Surgery Program In Partnership With The Medical University Of Silesia In Poland



Fetal Surgery And Urinary Incontinence Surgery Twin Conference 2024 (FSUI2024) Organised On 22nd, 23rd And 24th March 2024

Mumbai 20th March 2024: The demand for fetal intervention and surgery is a pressing concern, with approximately 5 in 5,000 live births requiring such specialized care. Conditions like Spina Bifida, large neck masses, lower urinary tract obstructions (LUTO), and certain tumors can adversely affect fetal development, necessitating timely intervention to prevent further harm. In response to this growing need, Lilavati Hospital, in association with the Spina Bifida Foundation has partnered with Poland’s Medical University of Silesia to inaugurate a fetal surgery department, aiming to repair birth defects and fetal conditions in the womb. This landmark collaboration seeks to offer fetal surgery as a primary clinical option for intrauterine correction, significantly enhancing the prospects for affected infants.

To raise awareness about the importance of fetal surgery in India, the 3-day Fetal Surgery And Urinary Incontinence Surgery Twin Conference (FSUI 2024) is organized at The Trident Hotel, Nariman Point. This conference will serve as a forum for leading experts, practitioners, and researchers from around the world to convene and discuss various aspects of fetal surgery and its development in India. Distinguished speakers include Dr. Santosh Karmarkar, Organising Chairman of FSUI Conference 2024 and Pediatric Surgeon at Lilavati Hospital, Dr. Agnieszka Pastuszka, Fetal Surgeon from Poland, and Dr. Tandulwadkar, President-Elect of FOGSI.

Fetal surgery involves operating on the fetus during pregnancy, with the aim of enhancing long-term outcomes for children with birth defects. Lack of intervention can lead to complications, disabilities, or even death. By addressing conditions such as Spina Bifida and urinary tract obstructions in utero, fetal surgery mitigates the risk of irreversible damage to developing organs, offering a brighter future for affected infants.

Commenting on the significance of fetal surgery, Dr Santosh Karmarkar, Sr. Consultant, Pediatric Surgeon, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai emphasized, “Fetal surgery represents a significant advancement in prenatal healthcare, enabling early intervention to prevent long-term complications for unborn infants. Our partnership with Poland’s Medical University of Silesia reaffirms our dedication to enhancing fetal surgical techniques and enhancing patient outcomes. Through this collaboration, we aim to pioneer innovative approaches to fetal surgery, ensuring that expectant parents have access to the most advanced and effective treatments for their unborn babies. This joint effort underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical excellence and improving the lives of both mothers and infants.”

The FSUI 2024 conference will feature discussions on the latest surgical developments, techniques, and debates in the field of fetal surgery, with top fetal surgeons from Europe and the USA sharing their expertise. Topics such as continence surgery techniques and intricate surgical procedures will be explored through intensive discussions and specially curated videos. The conference will be inaugurated by Mr Prashant Mehta – Trustee, LILAVATI KIRTILAL MEHTA MEDICAL TRUST.

Dr. Niraj Uttamani, Chief Operating Officer at Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Bandra said “Lilavati Hospital has consistently led the way in advancing patient care and medical innovations. This conference symbolizes a beacon of hope for parents, emphasizing the critical role of early intervention and specialized care for children with birth defects. The establishment of the forthcoming fetal surgery department will empower parents to advocate for their child’s health and well-being, arming them with the necessary knowledge and resources to provide optimal care even before birth.

Dr. Agnieszka Pastuszka, representing Poland, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Lilavati Hospital to elevate the standard of fetal surgery in India. This conference presents a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, foster collaboration, and shape the future of fetal surgery.”

Mr. Rohit Shelatkar, the Director of Meyer Vitabiotics, expressed his commitment to advancing healthcare in India through collaborations with Lilavati Hospital and the Spina Bifida Foundation. He looks forward to contributing to innovative initiatives that will enhance the healthcare sector in the future.

FSUI 2024 promises to be a transformative event, driving innovation, and setting new standards for fetal surgical care in India.