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LANXESS India wins ICC award for Responsible Care and Efficient Waste Management for the year 2015





Mumbai, October 5, 2016, LANXESS India Private Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of LANXESS AG, a global specialty chemicals company, has been acknowledged for its exceptional work for Responsible Care and Efficient Waste Management for the year 2015.
In a felicitation event held in Mumbai on 30th September, 2016, LANXESS India was conferred with two awards – I.C.C. Aditya Birla Award For Best Responsible Care Committed Company and I.C.C. Certificate Of Merit For Efficient Waste Management. Dr. Jacques Perez, Managing Director and Country Representative, received the award on behalf of LANXESS India in the presence of other dignitaries from the chemical industry at a gala event.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Perez said, “We thank the ICC jury for recognizing the continued and sustained efforts of LANXESS India in offering products & solutions to address global megatrend challenges while contributing positively to the environment and society. Receiving such a prestigious award also reflects our commitment to Responsible Care.”
The I.C.C. Certificate Of Merit For Efficient Waste Management was awarded as the company’s production processes are well integrated in a manner such that several by-products in the product chain are fed back as raw materials for production of other compounds.
LANXESS waste water post treatment plant, which deploys RO membranes, evaporation and condensation is a perfect example of its commitment towards efficient waste management. Waste water minimization is achieved with recovery and reuse of the waste water leading to zero discharge at its plant in Nagda, Madhya Pradesh.
As a role model, LANXESS has a 3.95 MW cogeneration plant running on bio-mass at Nagda reducing 70,000 MT of coal equivalent and 95,000 tons of CO2 per annum. At Jhagadia, off-gas (VOC) from the point and fugitive sources in production units and bulk storage units are collected and destroyed by incineration reducing VOC footprint. Waste heat from flue gas is utilized to generate steam, which is then used for production.
LANXESS has substantially reduced its carbon footprint by commissioning biomass (soya husk) based cogeneration plant in Nagda. The company has made several investments towards state-of-the-art off-gas incinerator, liquid waste incineration facility with recovery of HCl and recovery of steam from waste heat, treatment of domestic effluent from Grasim colony for recovery of water for process use and waste water post treatment plant (based on zero discharge concept), thus, adopting a Clean Development Mechanism for its production processes.
Over the years LANXESS has increasingly migrated from road to rail transportation (reaching up to 90% for Jhagadia) for export consignments up to port, thereby reducing Level 3 Carbon Emission in transportation. LANXESS India has co-founded and is actively involved in a transport safety initiative ‘Nicer Globe’ for safe transportation of Hazardous goods. LANXESS also has globally initiated along with other Global companies a program called Together for Sustainability (TfS) for improving the sustainability in supply chain.