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Kohinoor Hospital Observes Maharashtra Organ Donation Day



Pic 01 (1)With an idea todebunk the myths that surround Organ Donation, health care experts and doctors of Kohinoor hospital came forward to host the activities giving out a strong message, ‘live life and pass it on’. As part of activity, 100 donors from the city including renowned actor Ramesh Deo took a pledge to donate their organs and save lives on the eve of Maharashtra Organ Donation day that falls on 27th March.

Dr. Rajeev Boudhankar, VP Kohinoor Hospital, Dr.Aseem Thamba and Dr. B.R. Ramesh, Consultant Nephrologists, Dr.Mukesh Shah, Surgeon, Organ Transplant, were present during the occasion.

In a symbolic gesture, few donors held the lampsdenoting life. Post that,the hospital launched an Organ Donor Card that is given to a person who wishes to donate their organs. In addition to this, street play performed by the doctors and the healthcare experts, in the neighbourhood community received a very good response. Idea was to educate the communities about the myths and the facts on Organ Donation.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Rajeev Boudhankar, Vice-President, Kohinoor Hospital, said,“An increased level of awareness especially when it comes to cadaver transplants can help save many lives.

Looking at the dismal state of the nation due to lack of knowledge that people have about the issue, there is a need to create awareness on organ donation. Many NGOs, government organisations and corporatesshould come forward to support the noble cause”. Every year more than 5 lakh people in India lose their lives due to nonavailability
of Organ Donors. Last year, around 2 lakh people died of liver disease, 50,000 died from heart disease and 1.5 lakh awaited a kidney transplant but only 5,000 got one. The current scenario proves organ donation being the need of the hour. Organ transplants can help save millions of lives. For organ recipients, a transplant means a second chance to life

Echoing his thoughts on the occasion, Consultant Nephrologist Dr.Aseem Thamba, Kohinoor Hospital said, “It
is our social responsibility to take suchinitiatives to create awareness. There are people who wish to donate
their organs who are unaware of the system and the procedures. Kohinoor Hospital, through this act, wishes to
clear their doubts and motivate them to give up their rigid old beliefs and donate their organs.”

Throwing some light on the issue, one of the donors, said, “I am here to pledge that I will donate my organs. I
have come here to understand the procedure for the same. Supporting the cause really makes me happy.”

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