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6. Sandhya ShettyA sporty girl, modeling wasn’t really her calling. Sandhya Shetty’s career choices were to join the Armed Forces or the Police force. But life took a drastic turn in college when friends insisted she fill the Miss India pageant form. However, after a successful stint in modelling, she felt the pull towards sports.
Recrntly akshay kumar wants her to come and support his academy and encourage woman to learn karate and self-defence

Her  fighting spirit has made her a Icon to reckon with not only in karate arena but also in her quest to be best in which ever career she pursues.Her magical charm on the ramp and now looking towards bollywood is another pursuit. Her film “woh ek mulaqaat” slayed to release in 2016 is just one of her many facets she has up her sleeves to reveal.

A versatile power house who believes in achieving her goals. A model , actor and TV presenter, Role changing and adapting to it at the best levels is what sandhya shetty symbolises

Now, her next step is inclined towards spreading awareness about safety.  She wants more women to train in the martial form and be less dependent on others for their safety.

Self-defence for woman in our country should be of utmost importance is what I believe and would want to promote through my campaign “No fear” for a good happy and safe life for woman in our society .

Her journey of 13 years in karate has been filled with winning medals for the state and national level. Sandhya Shetty has channeled her interest and talent into a wide range of creative ventures including trained in NCC-Army wing and participating in Republic Days Parade saluting the Prime Minister of the country, Government sponsored Young Ambassador’s role in Canada, writing and acting.

This time around Sandhya Shetty has made the country proud by winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Karate Championship 2015 minus 68 kgs kumite.

 Triumphing upon the hearts of people, Sandhya says “I feel proud and happy to shine the Indian flag high and getting accolades by other nations like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand Sri Lanka Malaysia and more

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