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KICHEE, by Creduce, World’s First Super Sustainable Blockchain Token Is Live



~KICHEE is backed by Sustainability Credits~

~KICHEE has already been sold amounting to 10 million in its first phase prior to the launch~

Mumbai, 05 September 2022: Creduce Technologies Private Limited (CTPL) brings ‘KICHEE’ – the world’s first super sustainable tradable blockchain token – live on private exchanges. KICHEE will enable individuals and businesses to adopt a carbon-neutral way of investments.

KICHEE token, a digital asset backed by verified carbon credits, equals 1/10th of a carbon credit that can be bought, sold, held or even burnt. In its first phase of minting, Creduce garnered significant interest in the token.

  • Two million tokens sold at discounted prices
  • Five million tokens already booked by institutional buyers
  • Amounting to 10 million in the first phase, they have garnered interest from 40 institutions and retail customers

KICHEE is a carbon, hydro, energy and environment efficiency token designed to reimagine the ways in which organisations and individuals combat climate change. KICHEE is a meticulously crafted and carefully wrapped blockchain token that is backed by carbon credits as an asset. The launch price stands at $0.90, and the company targets to sell one token at $10 by the next quarter. As of now, 40 institutional buyers and 60 retail customers have shown interest in the super sustainable blockchain token. KICHEE is your ticket to a greener earth.

Sanctioned by UCR, carbon credits are rewarded to individuals for each activity that reduces their carbon footprint on the environment. Creduce executes sustainable projects aimed at achieving carbon neutrality and controlling climate impact.

Reflecting on the new-era, climate-conscious driven approach in the Web 3.0 space, Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder of CTPL said, “An ecologically driven approach to digital asset ownership has resulted in the emergence of carbon credit rewards that can be obtained through climate-conscious, environment-friendly investments. With a digitalised, decentralised and democratized version of the internet on the horizon, we at Creduce felt the urgent need to introduce a token like KICHEE. Owning a KICHEE token directly contributes to climate change mitigation with minimum involvement from the investor while having a significant impact on the environment and future generations. KICHEE’s purpose is to tokenise Sustainability Credits and further the cause to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, creating a cooperative, sustainable and safe environment for everyone.”

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