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Jai Maha Bharath Party unveils election manifesto; commits itself to citizen-centric polity





IMG_20190830_133220Mumbai, 30th August, 2019: Committing itself to empowering the common man of the country and creating a citizen-centric polity, the Jai Maha Bharath Party unveiled its election manifesto on August 30 for the upcoming Maharashtra assembly elections at the press conference held at Mumbai Press Club. The Party will be fielding candidates in all 288 constituencies during the upcoming assembly elections.

“We derive our strength from the ordinary citizens of this country. We shall strive for the upliftment and development of the common man through people-focused schemes and empowerment activities,” stated Bhagawan Shri Ananthavishnu Deva Prabhu, Founder National President, Jai Maha Bharath Party.

“Maharashtra has the resources, the skill and the competencies to emerge as one of the leading states in the country. We want to take the state to the next stage of growth by building a robust transport infrastructure, providing employment opportunities to the youth and improve medical care and facilities,” he added.

“All political parties make agendas which are merely populist in nature and do not reflect the aspirations and hopes of the common man. We are committed to raising the standard of the common man by providing him better conditions of living, improved law and order conditions and education facilities,” stated Shri. Gorakh Dashrath Kadve, General Secretary, Jai Maha Bharath Party.

In its election manifesto, Jai Maha Bharath Party has also promised to promote Maharashtra as a national and global tourism destination. The party is also committed to promoting Maharashtra as an education hub by improving the education infrastructure by building schools, colleges and technical institutes of global standards. It will also promote the practice of organic farming among farmers and strive to improve their livelihoods and provide them with better living conditions.

The emphasis will also remain on interlinking of rivers in Maharashtra to control floods and provide adequate water supply for agriculture and drinking purposes to all villages in Maharashtra. Large-scale generation of electricity will be given priority to ensure adequate supply of power to all households and industrial units in Maharashtra. A key focus area of the manifesto is also to maintain law and order in the state, Provide Free Education, Free Medication to all the citizens and position Maharashtra as an industry and trade hub by reducing taxes across core business domains. All people of employable age residing in Maharashtra will be provided gainful employment.

Shri. Nilesh Rane, General Secretary, Shri. Swapnil Kadve, Joint Secretary, and Viraj Ashok Gaikwad, Secretary from Maharashtra were also present at the press conference.

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