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Introducing Lookup LITE: Chat your way through a hassle-free shopping experience



lookup logoLookup, a free and secure messaging app that connects shoppers with local businesses announces the launch of its SMS and WhatsApp version. The service is called Lookup LITE will help users to chat seamlessly with local stores in their vicinity and also with the Lookup team of experts that is always available to assist them in their purchase decisions.

Shoppers simply need to save the Lookup number, 9773997739, and share any queries through an SMS or via WhatsApp. Whether one wishes to know about the availability of a product or find out which store is offering the best deal, Lookup is to go-to destination for the most useful tips in the quickest manner possible.

In addition, if users spot a stunning pair of shoes or a piece of jewellery that they simply can’t stop dreaming about, they just need to take a picture and send it to the Lookup number. The team will do the scanning and researching across stores to get them exactly what they’ve been coveting!

Speaking on the launch, Deepak Ravindran, founder and CEO of Lookup said, “Our endeavor is to become the “Google” for offline shopping. We are hyperlinking the stores near you so that you can connect with them directly and exchange information and buy products.

A quick message to us and voila, they will know exactly where to head to fulfill their desires. With Lookup, India can finally say hello to a new and revolutionized way of local shopping!”

Retailers too can benefit from this snappy way of creating awareness amongst customers by simply claiming their business and adding it to the Lookup database. Lookup currently has a growing partnership network of 7,000 offline stores, including national retailers like Sangeetha Mobile and UniverCell, as well as high-end fashion stores such as ZARA and Tommy Hilfiger to give users the best deals and offers nearby

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