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Internet Research by GrabOn reveals India books 92,180 rides through ride-hailing apps and makes 3,65,527 digital payment transactions every hour



grabon_660_030317052558The ‘Indian Internet Market Statistics’ is a self-explanatory, infographical research study that tracks and displays India’s real-time growth in mobile and internet usage every second, every hour, every day, every month and subsequently the year. The link (  gives you more an in-depth understanding about the statistics. According to the study, over 400 million Indians own smartphones today and the number continues to grow every second. The proliferation of affordable smartphones, combined with the rise in hi-speed data consumption in the tier-II and tier-III cities is contributing to a steep upward slope when it comes to internet penetration. It will only improve from here on as the market penetration goes deeper and more consumers are exposed to mobile phones and the internet.

Highlights of an Indian year on the internet:

●        400 million Indians are browsing content on YouTube.

●        51 million orders are placed via Swiggy.

●        11 billion transactions are completed through digital means.

●        429 million mobile internet subscribers in total.

 Various other data points are also tracked and displayed in the real-time animation in a lucid manner with a timer. This data animation lets the user jump to the desired time in terms of hour, day, month and finally the year, showcasing the data points like number of smartphones (of different brands) bought, number of Google searches performed, the number of WhatsApp images sent and more.

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