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IBEE Hosting Launches New Range of SSD VPS



Hyderabad, 29 August 2016: IBEE Hosting, a leading web hosting company in India, today announced the India-wide release of its SSD Virtual Private Server, the fast and high-performance VPS that combines the fast SSD drives with the premium branded Dell Servers in an affordable package to bring its users the next level of hosting experience.

“There was a scarcity of affordable and high computational resources for the consumers in the VPS band. We have been working on this and now have come up with our range new of SSD VPS, which will make VPS fast and high performance product that will compel and redefine the VPS Market scenario,” said Betrand Yella, Managing Director, IBEE Hosting, India. “Throughout our company, we have radically strived to give customers the best possible experience along with the best Proactive Support services and this new range is not an exception.”

These are one of its kinds of fast VPS with SSD Drives, which will act as a one-stop solution provider to the slow performing websites and applications and also aim at providing a reach to SMBs and Startups who are eager to shift from shared hosting band and to have their internet presence. Also to overcome the slow server response, the company has introduced SSD (Solid State Drives), which are expected to deliver faster access time, greater data throughput and advanced performance. With faster read and write in the SSD the overall performance of VPS will be faster in comparison to the traditional VPS with traditional drives.

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