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I.G. International launches Fremont Mandarins from Australia for the first time in India



IG _Launch Pic.IG International Pvt. Ltd. (IGIPL), one of the leading names in fresh fruits imports and exports in the country, have launched Fremont Mandarins from Australia for the first time in India.

The Fremont Mandarins would be imported from Ironbark Citrus, a renowned grower of Mandarins in Queensland, Australia, one of Queensland’s top citrus exporters.

Ironbark Citrus is Australia’s premier boutique mandarin grower and specialises in supplying premium mandarins to the world.  The company processes its fruit in its own on-site facilities to ensure maximum shelf life.

Speaking at the launch Ms. Susan Jenkin, CEO, Ironbark Citrus, said, “The Indian fresh fruit market is one of the world’s fastest growing markets.  We are delighted to partner with IG International to promote our product in India.  Our premium mandarins are extremely popular throughout the world and are sold in many countries.  We are confident that India will become an important market for this wonderful fruit.”

Mr. Tarun Arora, Director, IG International Pvt. Ltd. said, “Mandarins are really wonderful fruits, belonging to the citrus family.  They are very low in calories and widely regarded as one of the important ‘cleansing’ fruits. Two small mandarins supply 35% of the daily recommended requirement of Vitamin C. They are very popular throughout the world today.”

Fremont Mandarins are a premium product of Ironbark Citrus.  The Mandarins are small/medium sized, flat/oval shaped, rich red/orange coloured and are smooth with an easy to peel skin and some seeds.  It has a very rich sweet flavour and ships and stores well.  Fremont Mandarins are shipped in 9 kg cartons and Ironbark Citrus have an annual output of around 90,400 cartons.

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