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Hindi film Rang-E-Ishq is releasing on 24th april



Hindi film Rang-E-Ishq is releasing on 24th april nationwide. Here we bring for you the chit-chat with actor Deepak kumar.

Q)Tell us something about your character in the film.

I’m playing second lead (virat thakur) in the film who is very stubborn, as he belongs froma very powerful family, his elder brother owns a reputation in the society. He thinks he is the only one and he wants everything which he likes if not than he can go to any extent.

  1. Q) How deepak kumar is different from virat kumar in real life?

Deepak is completely different from virat. I am not stubborn. I am practical in life. I do what my heart says. I think what’s right before taking any decision. I’m a very lovable and caring kind of person.

  1. Q) If we want to ask a one line of the story of the film?

It’s a triangle love story, Intense romantic film.

  1. Q) How this film is different from other films?

yes it’s a love story, it holds an odd intense romance, which have not seen yet by the audience.Film is about being intense in love.

  1. Q) Is rang de ishq your first film?

No this is my second film, I have done Lasa fot, Its an artistic film, it has gone to cannes film festival.

Q)What are the parts you have touched for the shooting of the rang e ishq?

Full film has been shot in India at various locations Noida, Delhi, Shimla.

  1. Q) Tell us something about Deepak kumar?

I was born in a small town called motihari, bihar. Got bought up in sitamadhi. I did my schooling from patna, st.joseph high school, than I did my HSC from patna science school than for engineering I went to NIIT,from where I completed my Than i did job as an engineer for two years. Thats it.

  1. Q) Being an Engineer how you thought of being an actor?

Because of the film Baazigar. I was totally lost when i saw Shahrukh khan playing the role in the movie. I’m a big fan of shahrukh khan. I thought to become an actor, I started working on the required skills. Kajol is my fav. Actress.

Q)What expectations you have from Rang-E-Ishq?

“Jo bhi upar waala chahe wo” I have worked hard, have tried to give my best efforts. If it doesn’t work will try another time with more efforts.

  1. Q) What’s next after Rang-E-Ishq?

I have bagged two more films I’m paying con man in the film, film is untitled which will be produced by the producer Jayveer Panghaal.Other than this I have signed a Romantic film.

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