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HHV develops DLC Coatings for the Defence/ Military Industry



Prasanth Sakhamuri, MD, HHV (1)Bengaluru based Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt. Ltd. (HHV), announced that it has developed DLC (Diamond like Carbon) Coatings for the Defence/ Military Industry. Entirely designed and developed at the Bangalore facility of HHV, DLC Coatings are used in Thermal Imaging applications where harsh environments may cause damage to standard AR (Anti- Reflections) Coatings.

 Thermal Imaging night vision systems use infrared optical elements like Geramanium, si, Zinc sulphide and Zinc Selenide. Unfortunately these elements do not have high transmission in the required infrared wavelength regions (3-5 & 8-12 microns). To enhance the transmission AR coatings are used. But these AR Coatings do not withstand aggressive environments which is present during usage in military systems. DLC coatings are applied to the front lens of the infrared imaging system which protects the whole lens system from abrasion and chemical attack.

DLC coating not only acts like AR coating but also protects the whole system from environmental aggressive effects, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the system” said Mr Prasanth Sakhamuri, Managing Director, HHV. “We are proud to have indigenously developed such a sophisticated Coating targeted at the Defence/ Military Industry.”

Some of the key features of the DLC coatings are guaranteed adhesion, High optical transmission in the IR band, High Hardness, Resistance to wear abrasion, Chemical inertness and High strength, durability and resistance to external aggressive effects.









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