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Her Circle and Kalki team up for a Net-Zero Sustainable Covershoot



Her Circle’s Second Sustainability Covershoot celebrates Mother Earth with a fresh perspective on how modern living, technology and sustainability can co-exist.

Her Circle, a one-stop content and social networking destination for women, has achieved a breakthrough in sustainable media practices. Their Sustainability Cover 2.0 features Kalki, an actor, and a sustainability advocate in the month of June. The shoot embodies the brand’s commitment to uplift, empower, and provide a safe space for women, aligning with their core idea of “Go minimal for maximum impact.” Scheduled for release around World Environment Day, this sustainability covershoot showcases how modernity, technology and sustainability can co-exist. In an exclusive interview with Her Circle, Kalki shares her insights on green parenting and mindful living.

Kalki exemplifies her strong belief in minimalism and reducing her carbon footprint through various practices. She proactively introduces conscious practices such as composting, recycling and reusing daily-use items. Her fashion choices prioritise sustainability and local sourcing, whether for work or leisure. She embraces outdoor activities such as cycling, trekking, and camping with her family, emphasising her connection with nature. Even her choice of baby care products leans towards sustainability, opting for bamboo diapers, degradable pads, and wipes, and advocating the use of a moon cup. Kalki will delve deeper into her sustainable lifestyle in her interview with Her Circle.


Commenting on the association, Kalki said, “There’s so much greenwashing, there’s so much of saying, oh yeah, sustainable, but, when you look at the behind the scenes, it’s not so sustainable. So it’s refreshing to be on this shoot with Her Circle today where you see that the backdrop or the behind-the-scenes is also adhering to the message that’s being put in front of the screen.”


This sustainability covershoot marks the digital platform’s endeavour to showcase torchbearers who champion the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. The shoot itself was designed as an end-to-end sustainable production, encompassing location, sustainable fashion brands, natural light and sustainable catering. These elements align with the brand’s commitment to championing sustainability. Photographer Anai Bharucha, known for capturing nature’s beauty organically, played a crucial role by selecting a location that was industrial in nature, yet sustainable in the space of energy conservation.


Tanya Chaitanya, CEO Her Circle & Digital Diversity Initiatives, Reliance said, “At Her Circle, sustainability and inclusivity are the main pillars upon which our content and conversation centre. This sustainability cover brings together technology, innovation, conservation and mindful living to showcase a future which is kinder to the planet. It’s a step ahead from our last year’s sustainability cover which received an overwhelming response.”


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