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Gudi Padwa a time for new beginnings; an auspicious time to enter your new home says Samyak Doshi, Director, Bhoomi Group



Gudi Padwa is celebrated with pomp and gaiety especially by the people of Maharashtra marking the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It is a festival when people buy high value products like a home. It is a time for new beginnings and an auspicious time to enter your new home. People believe that buying a home on an auspicious day like Gudi Padwa brings in good luck and prosperity.

Festivities like Gudi Padwa are always exciting as developers come up with various attractive offers such as flexi pay plans, waiver of stamp duty, gold coins, and new launch offers. New project launch offers provide customers with special and low introductory rates which certainly have scope for capital appreciation. These offers are generally time bound and customers should take advantage of it, as savings can be quite substantial.

Festivals like Gudi Padwa usher in positive sentiments among the home buyers and provide the much-needed boost to home sales. With rising prices these offers can offset increase in cost and make it advantageous for the home buyer in the long term. We would encourage home buyers to go forth and fulfil their long-cherished dream of owning a home which they can call their own.

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