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GKTecvision prototype of Vedic Wisdom




GKTecvision Private Ltd, is a prototype of country’s wider vision and perspective and imparts Vedic Wisdom. It is inclusive of all those ideals and philosophies which Indian Constitution represents and is constructively promoting them while delivering services to their clients. The company’s thinking prowess and working methodology can be seen and assessed through their well-structured website . The website is an ensemble of Vedic wisdom which is required for systematic working and maintaining calmness while performing in varied situations and atmospheres in a culturally diverse country like India.

The website maintains regular blog pages which imparts knowledge and delves into deep thinking as well as purpose of meditation for achieving consistent success and yet not get effected by it. With the launch of the website, company is trying to provide solution to discords that arise while working towards the same goal.

Kiran Karnvati is an author and has recently added a news letter on the website and published a book, Creative Intelligence, which talks about Inspiration. The book is available on various ecommerce portals. He is an alumnus of Prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT, Madras).


Kiran Karnvati, CEO, GKTecvision shared, ‘We have launched the company with the objective of spreading knowledge and literature of our old scriptures and Vedas. Indian Vedic literature is full of mantras which teach us how to deal with difficult situations and lead a calm life without getting influenced by the negative vibes floating in the air.’

The company truly recognizes constitutional problems that Digital India is confronting in the present time. Thus, it has made an attempt to answer all the relevant questions and arising concerns occupying the mindset of Indians. It has further tried to bridge a gap between the government and the common public.

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