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FLAG @Trivandrum receives overwhelming response from students across Kerala



EmployabilityBridge(EB), a company which is into facilitating corporate and educational institutions to place the right candidate in the right company has made its second step into Kerala with its ninth FLAG for this year; second in Kerala. The company has partnered with CII for its flagship program FLAG across Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The today’s event was held at Lourdes Matha College of Science and Technology, Kuttichal.

Total 500 students from different districts of Kerala were tested for the total openings of 800 in all the companies participated.

FLAG is a series of intelligent graduate hiring events conducted by EmployabilityBridge in association with CII to open up access to better job opportunities by aggregating the students and companies in a pre-planned manner. The company is planning to conduct one more FLAG event in Kerala in the year 2014-2015. The company has successfully conducted 36 editions of FLAG across Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka till now and helped placing over 3500 students in companies across the country.

The 9th FLAG 2015 event at Trivandrum has seen participation of companies from multiple industries including manufacturing, IT, ITES, product development and KPO. The companies were hiring for openings in cities across India.

HCL, Sutherland Global, American Megatrend, Experion Global, Vinod International, Shriram Group & Attinad Software were the companies participated and they were enthused by the response from colleges and students of Kerala for the FLAG 2015. Handing over the offers to the selected candidate the participated companies said that FLAG model by EmployabilityBridge is a great model to find the right talents from non-metros. It saves time, cost and travelling to number of colleges to find our required manpower. It also communicates that good candidates were spread across and not just only from premier institutions.

Commenting on EmployabilityBridge’s second Kerala FLAG Emmanuel Justus, CEO, EmployabilityBridge said “We are delighted to host our second FLAG in Kerala after our first one in Kannur. We are well received in all places we hosted our FLAG. The model we follow is a big hit in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka. This is our 9th FLAG event for this year and the second in Kerala.”

According to Higher Education statistics 80% of the colleges in India are from non-metro cities. These institutes have fulfilled the engineering dreams of many students locally. To meet the aspiration of the Kerala students in the last 10 years many colleges have come here but they are located at distance from each other making it harder for corporate to visit all of them. Today these Institutions don’t have proper access to corporate for placements like the old reputed institutes and institutes located in the metros. Hence to bridge the gap between the corporate and these institutions and to increase the job access to the students the concept FLAG born.

“We at present work with various corporate houses across the country and educational institutions across Tamilnadu, Kerala & Karnataka to enable graduate hiring in a pre-planned manner. Since inception, from 2011, we are receiving enormous response from both the corporate houses and institutions. We also partnered with CII for their industry expertise and enhance the reach. With our data we found that students hired from non-metros through FLAG sticks to the company long and hence reduce the attrition level” he added.

Representing CII Trivandrum, George Lamannil said “Southern states have many colleges with good infrastructure facilities and qualified faculties. It gives out many technically qualified candidates to the industry every year. Our students are also well equipped with technical knowledge and other qualities required by the industry and are ready to work hard if opportunity provided. But due to lack of awareness both among the students on job availability and among the companies about the institutions the good opportunities were missed. But events like FLAG play an important role in bridging the gap and empowering the students.”

Ambalavanan, CTO, EmployabilityBridge said “Our technology platform –  plays a critical role in our FLAG event by enabling students and companies to pre-select whom they want to meet and for the smooth execution of the FLAG event in organized manner. Our technology platform enables corporate to interact with their future employees & prepare them for success in their first job till they join them. This greatly increases the joining ratio as well as reduces the graduate training effort & time for companies. “

Philip John, Secretary, Lourdes Matha College of Science and Technology said that “Lourdes Matha College is happy to host the students from colleges across states. FLAG is really a good opportunity for the students from rural institutions to get access to leading companies across the country. We are happy to have hosted students from colleges in the Kerala region to participate in the FLAG. I wish more corporate should take part in the upcoming FLAG events to widen the opportunities.”

Our next flag event will be in Salem on 28 March and in Kerala its toward end of April.

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