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Filtering Facts From Myths Care World TV To Demonstrate The Effectiveness Of Alternate Healing Techniques On ‘Kya Rahasya Kya Haqeeqat’



Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TVMumbai: For the first time on television, a show will attempt at demystifying the notions about alternate holistic healing. Care World TV, Asia’s largest healthcare satellite channel and leading content provider on health and wellness, has announced the launch of its new show titled ‘Kya Rahasya Kya Haqeeqat’ translating to myth versus fact. The channel will host a series of shows that will pool together the best practitioners of EFT, Bach Flower Therapy, Inner Child healing, Constellation Works, Graphology and Bio Feedback technology on screen.

“Health and wellness is a vast subject and alternate holistic healing is a relatively lesser known practice. Our endeavour is to explore this facet of healthcare and present to the audiences its benefits and flaws, if any,” says Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TV. “The show assumes a talk based demonstration format where practitioners of several alternate healing techniques will attempt to heal patients LIVE on television. It will not only deal with the obvious mental and physical ailments but also hunt for the causative factors of such,” he adds.

This season of Kya Rahasya Kya Haqeeqat will showcase real life experiences and subsequent outcomes. The series will showcase healing techniques in which patients would go under spells that could help identify root causes of issues that could not be solved by conventional methods, handwriting analysis would be done which would help reveal real relationship issues, and sensory healing would be practiced for common ailments among others. All diagnosis and healing would be shown real time and the series will attempt to address an array of problems relating to cross gender issues, guilt, physical handicap, emotional handicap, insomnia among many other physical and mental disorders that aren’t easy to be solved.

“Care World is known for its unique and clutter-free programming and this new series will take health and wellness to another level by attempting to tap into the lesser known sciences. Kya Rahasya Kya Haqeeqat is more than just a regular show on Care World TV. It is a test bench where any claims whether good or bad will be demonstrated, tested and presented for everyone to evaluate fairly the credibility of alternate healing practices,” concludes Mr. Gupta.

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