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FC play announces launch of Emerging Artist showcase powered by Hitlab DNA© patented and proprietary technology



20th August, 2022, Mumbai: An emerging artist challenge with a fully digital application process, where artists can submit their songs for digital analysis through HITLAB’s artificial intelligence DNA technology and enter the global emerging artist showcase challenge


Final Coast and its app FC Play, a Marketplace with streaming of content, Music, ecommerce, Fashion, Edtech —-consumers platform and with the launch of the streaming platform in India FC play announces ‘Deas ‘powered By Hitlab. An emerging artist challenge with a fully digital application process, where artists can submit their songs for digital analysis through HITLAB’s patented and proprietary artificial intelligence DNA technology.


Final Coast private limited with the launch of FC Play becomes a digital transformation company which has been in the business of content and ecommerce. Final Coast has launched its app on August 15th with entertainment, music, ecommerce, and gaming, a 3d virtual world accessible through phones and tablets curated by technology partners Peafowl and Envoi USA. A company run by women at the forefront as founders and managed by a young team of women from a gamut of experience of different industries, aiming to reach 10 million audiences in India and across other countries by the end of 2022.

Hitlab is a digital media entertainment company Headquartered in Montreal Canada that is revolutionizing the way cultural content is discovered, produced, and consumed. We use our technology to engage consumers and create strong interactions between consumers and brands. We have well-established national and global relationships with creative professionals, record companies, publishers, executives, producers, managers, media outlets, venues and promoters.

 Mr. Anant Ganediwal Director Final Coast private Limited and FC play India says – “Deas powered by Hitlab’s DNA© technology will be very close to our heart as it will be our launching of our app in the country” says Mr. Ganedhiwal, he further mentions “This platform Deas will bring Indian emerging talent to global audiences and we along with Hitlab will grow globally and showcase Indian talent and business to the world, I am thrilled to have got in such excellent platform to collaborate with and such great caliber come together for this project(s)  from the creative bent of mind Michel Zgarka HITLAB’s president and CEO. I am certain that the talent in India will reach the global audiences, and this will give them a larger platform to showcase. We also appreciate the role of Mr. Asit shah, CEO -Orasi Digital media Pvt ltd (Strategic partners of Hitlab globally) to have brought the Hitlab   Partnership to us. We have a fantastic team who manage the company -Arti Gudal CEO who comes with 24 years of experience in Retail, ecommerce, and media industry and Darshana shah, Director who comes with 22 years of Marketing experience in Retail, Ecommerce, Digital, Insurance and media. Srinath Sridharan as a Strategic advisor who is a startup advisor, a Strategic counsel for over two decades with leading corporates across diverse sectors including automobile-commerce, advertising, media tech and financial services, Member of the ‘Closing the Skills Gap Task Force’ initiative of World Economic Forum FC play is set to launch in India followed by other countries.”

Mr. Michel Zgarka, President CEO, Hitlab stated, “We are calling ourselves talent without borders and push to show that talent has absolutely no color. Anyone, from anywhere, can have talent. The rising popularity of Latin, African, Indian and crossover styles exemplifies that today’s mainstream music scene is becoming an increasingly global environment. We’re constantly evolving our technologies and seeing that machine learning learns from itself and helps us become more efficient in our processes, it’s very exciting. It helps us see the world as one place.”

HITLAB’s AI technology is not meant to take away the humanity or human factor from music, assured Zgarka.“Our AI might give us hit potential, but then we turn over to humans, all the other elements that make up the music industry are still, and will forever, be driven by human taste.”

FC play and Hitlab Launch Emerging artist showcase from the 15th of August to the 30th of November where anyone can upload songs from FC play page over Hitlab at a price :

Get your songs evaluated on AI based technology and enter the global competition – Upload now – only Original songs “

1 song  – USD 6.95 /INR 556

5 songs – USD 15.95/ INR 1276

10 songs – USD 25.95/ INR 2076

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