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Fashion Designer Sharad create timeless and elegant pieces following the latest trends and European colour palettes



(null)1Coming from a reputed business background, SharadKedia, the brain behind the fashion studio, Dami, has dared to break from his family mould of Industries, Medicare & Social Services to carve a niche in the fashion industry. Having entrepreneurship ingrained in his blood, his love and passion for creativity has led this young designer to have found his calling in the launch of his label ‘Dami’ serving as a platform for avant-garde designs blended with innovative prêt and couture.
It’s the love and passion for the trade that drives Sharad to create timeless and elegant pieces following the latest trends and European colour palettes. Giving shape to this venture, Sharad Kedia conceptualizes and executes irresistible pieces.
Dami’s collection consists of 
Classy and chic western wear include evening wear, resort wear, evening and cocktail gowns, pants, palazzos, skirts, maxi dresses, coats, jackets, et al ranging from casual to formal; contemporary ethnics to fusion wear. Clean cuts, neat lines and evolved minimalism breathe freshness into the collections. 
Dami’s origin is rooted in Nepalese to mean very lovely, attractive, charming and all things nice; aesthetics notwithstanding. The label successfully bridges the gap between steep out-of-reach haute couture and ‘me-toos’ in prêt fashion. The muse is the independent thinking modern young woman between 18-35 years of age, sure and confident in her choices. Dami’s woman has an identity of her own and a distinct style. Priced at Rs 1500 upwards is a steal-deal for a Dami creation. 


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