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F1 Grand Prix and MotoGP rev up October 2016 in Malaysia



line-up retains the family carnival concept introduced last year, which appeals to diehard fans as well as casual visitors of all ages, besides also offering activities suitable for families taking advantage of the discounted child tickets to turn race weekend into a family outing. The activities include the Drivers’ Autograph Session, X-Track for all ages, Public Pit Lane Walk, Drivers Fan Forum, Malaysia Championship Series and the after-race concert, located at Hillstand B this year to allow fans to catch the race and concert from the same spot called the Star Stand. The exciting main act for the concert will be announced soon, so stay tuned for news from SIC!

Meanwhile, the MotoGP weekend will feature the Mega MotoGP Carnival – back, bigger and better than ever, offering two-wheel motorsports fans everything they could want, from souvenirs to accessories to limited edition merchandise or even a brand new bike, and other perennially popular activities such as the Riders’ Autograph Session, Public Pit Lane Walk and the SAATC talent development championship as a support race. This year, the two world championship race weeks will also see the introduction of new fan engagement activities, so be sure to catch them in Kuala Lumpur city or at the Sepang circuit!

For visitors combining a holiday in Malaysia with their race attendance, they should not miss including shopping in their itinerary, as many Malaysian businesses offer various promotional packages in conjunction with these international championships. “Additionally, this October is also a major month of sports for Malaysia, not just for motorsports, as our National Sports Day is observed on 10 October, so visitors from India can look forward to various sports-themed deals,” added Dato’ Razlan.

Ticket pricing
Tickets for the 2016 F1 Malaysia Grand Prix include Main Grandstand tickets priced from INR9,220 to INR36,500 in various seating areas. Grandstand K1 tickets are priced at INR13,900, Grandstand F tickets at INR5,900, and Star Stand (Hillstand B) and C2 Hillstand (Covered) tickets at INR3,750 and INR3,400 respectively. Star Stand tickets allow holders to catch both the race and the post-race concert from a premium vantage point on the same spot. Other tickets entitle the holder entry into the concert area. Also available for F1 fans are ticket packages with limited edition merchandise, VIP Tribune tickets, as well as Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Tribune tickets.

Standard ticket prices for the 2016 Malaysia MotoGP range from INR6,100 for a Premier Roving pass to INR1,300 for a C2 Covered Hillstand ticket. Tickets for the Main Grandstand, K1 Grandstand and F Grandstand are priced at INR4,300, INR2,500 and INR1,800 respectively. Meanwhile, tickets for the Marc Marquez Tribune and VR46 Tribune are selling for INR5,300 and INR3,400 respectively, while tickets for SIC’s very own DRIVE M7 SIC Racing Team Tribune are selling for INR1,700.

This 2016, SIC has introduced child tickets for the F1 Grand Prix with up to 50% price reduction, as well as 50% discounts for disabled* spectators at accessible seating zones. Meanwhile, for motorsports fans who enjoy luxurious settings, SIC offers an array of options and hospitality packages. These include VIP and Corporate suites and hospitality lounges, and the F1 Paddock Club.

MUMBAI, 1 June 2016 – Sepang International Circuit (SIC) in Malaysia is cranking up the adrenaline this October 2016 as it hosts the world’s two biggest motorsports events in the same month. This motorsports extravaganza will see the 2016 Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix (F1 Grand Prix) taking place from 30 September to 2 October 2016 – Round 16 of 21, while the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix 2016 (MotoGP) will be held from 28 to 30 October 2016, maintaining its position as the penultimate round of the 18-round championship. This year, the F1 Grand Prix race weekend in Sepang will include both the GP2 and GP3 – feeder series for the F1, for the first time ever. While the Asia GP2 series was held in Sepang in 2012 and 2013, this is the first time spectators at the Sepang Circuit will be able to catch the global GP2 and GP3 live at the track.

“Sports fans in India have increasingly begun to embrace the excitement of motorsports in recent years. The attendance of Indian visitors at the F1 Grand Prix and MotoGP has increased each year, and if we look at the numbers recorded in the past four years alone, there has been stunning growth,” said Dato’ Razlan Razali, Chief Executive Officer of SIC. In 2012, 117 visitors from India attended the F1 Grand Prix and 22 attended the MotoGP, but by 2015, there were 1,191 visitors from India at the F1 Grand Prix and 827 visitors at the MotoGP. In the span of only three years, the number of visitors from India attending the F1 Grand Prix has grown more than tenfold, while the number at the MotoGP has grown a whopping 37 times.

“At the same time, there are teams and riders for patriotic fans to root for, such as Team Sahara Force India in the F1 Grand Prix and Aspar Mahindra Team Moto3 in the MotoGP’s Moto3 class. Additionally, there is Mahaveer Raghunathan racing for the Korainen GP team in the GP3 series and Ahamed Kadai Yaseen, India’s first and currently only participant in the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup to cheer on. The Indian presence is further seen through the choice of Mahindra bikes by several other Moto3 teams. With all these elements coming together, I am confident that India has the potential to one day become a leading motorsports nation in Asia,” added Dato’ Razlan.

This year, Team Sahara Force India features Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez while Aspar Mahindra Team Moto3 features Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin. Other teams racing on Mahindra bikes are the CIP-Unicom Starker, 3570 Team Italia, and Platinum Bay Real Estate teams.

“Francesco Bagnaia of Aspar Mahindra Team Moto3 has started very well this year, with three podium finishes in just six races. Currently in 5th place on the points table, I am sure he will be looking to continue his good form over the duration of the season, while Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez of Team Sahara Force India will likely want to maintain or improve on the Top 10 overall placing they have achieved in the past two years. Meanwhile, like others racers of any nationality, Mahaveer Raghunathan and Ahamed Kadai Yaseen will also appreciate support from home, so I urge motorsports fans in India to lend your support live in Sepang,” said Dato’ Razlan. Hulkenberg also won the 2016 DHL Fastest Lap Award at the F1 China Grand Prix earlier this year.

In addition to main action on the track, visitors will also be able to enjoy other activities organised in conjunction with both the championships. For the F1 Grand Prix, the exciting

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