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Exclusive Pewter collection for this festive season from The Great Eastern Home



Image 2 (1)The Great Eastern Home presents a perfect pick for the festive season with its exclusive and exceptional range of Pewter Collection. This unique collection is one that will enrapture all those who lay eyes upon it. The magnificent and striking designs that combine pewter with either glass or ceramic or wood are painstakingly designed and lovingly hand crafted. Each piece in this collection is sophisticated, inimitable and one of its kind. The high quality Pewter products at The Great Eastern Home are 100 percent lead-free. They are non-toxic and easy to care for.

A wide range of pewter products including stylishly designed crockery, wine glasses, shot glasses, salad bowls, Decanter, silverware etc. are available at The Great Eastern Home. Give generic presents a miss this time and make someone’s home special this festive season with the exclusive range of Pewter Festive Collection. Be it something small and precious like silverware, trays and glasses, practical is the flavor this season.

Pewter crockery, glassware and accessories also make special gifts because the person receiving the gift will enjoy it for generations. The types of pewter products available at The Great Eastern Home are endless.  While in the store, you may see some items you have dreamt of having for yourself such as a graceful pewter cheese plate or an egg holder, a pewter fruit basket or wine openers and ceramic trays with pewter handles.