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Droom goes ‘E-Commerce’ to one step further to offer ‘C-Commerce’



Droom  introduces doorstep test drive, home delivery, selling from home, and contactless payment & transaction closure

Receives over 1.25 Lacs new listings worth Rs. 10,000 crores in listed GMV

India – May 22, 2020:  In its bid to combat the ongoing COVID-19 contagion, Droom has recently revealed its new C-Commerce services. Being launched pan-India, these services entail Droom going contactless to uphold the social distancing guidelines created to protect the community against the highly communicable virus. As part of this endeavor, Droom allows customers to conduct in-depth vehicle research online through its comprehensive tools Droom Discovery, OBV, Droom History, and ECO inspection. This is followed by doorstep test drive and home delivery or selling from the comfort of tour home or work including vehicle certification at doorstep. Additionally, Droom is also deploying full online payment methods and automated RC registration, RC transfer, and transaction closure.

Under this new initiative,  Droom has already received over 1.25 Lacs new listings worth Rs. 10,000 crores in listed GMV from different cities and more than thousands dealers and Individual sellers.

Droom has a presence in 1000+cities across India (India’s largest hyper-local marketplace) with 350K+ auto dealers. Droom currently has 45 Million+ monthly visitors on its platform.

Speaking on the development, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Droom said, “Droom has invested last 6 years and thousands of crores rupees to transform a 100 year old pre owned automobile classifieds category to an online end to end E-Commerce transactional category. During this time, we not only built whole plethora of platform, technologies and consumer experiences but also have sold over 500k vehicles and equal number of loans, insurnace, repair, inspection, etc and that to 100% pure play online environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an irrevocable transformation in consumer sentiments. Our high-quality fully online and contactless services will allow us to capitalize on this paradigm shift while catering to consumer needs efficiently.”

Recently Droom has introduced several innovative services to contain the spread and protect its customers. It recently launched the Germ Shield service, aimed at decontaminating vehicle surfaces with a proven antimicrobial coating which is effective for 3 months and can 99.99% Germs. It also extended a fleet sanitization drive for Gurugram Police to ensure the safety of the city’s frontline warriors. Droom also launched Jumpstart, a tech-enabled doorstep vehicle service post the lockdown leveraging its Eco platform.