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Dress fashionably this monsoon



Monsoon Dressing - MyntraFashion in the rains? With monsoons drenching the city in delight and fervour, bringing to us mucky roads, dirty feet, frizzy hair and leaving us in quite a dilemma on what to wear during monsoons. Here are few quick solutions that will save you from dampening your style and help look fashionable even in the rains. You might already have some of these in your wardrobe, so you can be monsoon-ready in a jiffy with these fun pieces.

Wear light fabrics: Go for something lighter and airy. Chiffons and georgettes will be life saviours in the rain. They’ll dry in minutes unlike wearing a pair of heavy denims and spending hours trying to dry it and catching a cold instead.

Cropped pants: Raise hemlines when there are puddles around and embrace the trusty old browns and beiges to hide any splashes. You’ve got an excuse to show off those dainty ankles now, so crop your trousers or fold them up and walk tall.

Jelly flats& Boots: Make monsoon fun with colourful rubber sandals and ballerinas that don’t spoil in the rain. As boots are essential footwear during monsoons, don’t let it cramp your sense of style. Pick a boot that’s both utilitarian and fun. You can now splash around in those puddles with not a care in the world!

Waterproof make-up: Go minimal on make-up during the rainy season lest all the humidity melts your eyeliner, leaving you raccoon-eyed! Stick to waterproof eyeliners and mascaras and highlight those brown eyes with peacock-inspired blues and greens as you dance in the rain. Take care of your skin by making some easy homemade packs of honey and cucumber to renew and replenish your dry, dead and haggard skin. Even better! Go for a deep cleansing and moisturizing spa.

Bright bag: Switch your classy leather tote with a funky transparent and neon bags. Waterproofing doesn’t have to be boring, flaunt your goodies with a see through plastic tote and use the cloudy grey sky as a perfect backdrop to flaunt the brightest of colours.

Scarf: Save your hair from the rain as you run to the coffee shop without an umbrella, or use it to conceal when your shirt has become a little too transparent. The uses of a scarf during the monsoon are endless. Bold colours, cool prints and interesting patterns are an added plus.

Change your hairstyle: Come monsoon and we struggle to keep our hair tamed and smooth. For those with dry hair, monsoon season could be a dreadful time. Simply oil just the roots of the scalp with olive or coconut oil and tie your hair into a chick high ponytail or fishtail braids to look your fashionable best!

Above all, carry your umbrella before you step out. You could also design your own colorful umbrellas with bold motifs or portraits of Bollywood stars and make a statement for yourself!

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