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Culinary Experiences from Club Mahindra to Add To Your Bucket List



A delicious meal brings people together, builds connections, and aids in the creation of memorable memories. Club Mahindra curates exclusive dining experiences that combine fusion, modern, and classic meals, taking food aficionados on a gourmet journey across the culinary landscape. From Coorg-style Baemble Curry Recipe to cooking with a chef or tree house dining in Munnar, our culinary adventures are a treat for all the senses.

Exceptional culinary experiences to check off your bucket list:

Coorg-style Baemble Curry Recipe

The Kodava community, Coorg’s first dwellers, is renowned for honouring regional delicacies in their cooking. Many of the regional specialties are well-known throughout Karnataka, like Baemble Curry. Baemble curry, a delicious vegetarian dish, is a riot of flavours and looks thick and creamy. The meal is named after the word Baemble, which means bamboo shoots. Only a few regions in India, like Coorg in south India, allow the consumption of these shoots. The shoots are extremely cyclical and are often only available during the monsoon. A special Coorg-style bamboo curry recipe is provided by Club Mahindra for you to cook at home.

Cooking with a chef

Cooking with a chef offers a lot of experimenting, and the chance to meet new people with similar interests, and With Club Mahindra, cooking while traveling takes on a new and intriguing aspect. Imagine the fun and excitement of learning to prepare a new meal or experimenting with local cuisine! Moreover, learning about a culture through its distinctive cuisine. Fun cooking at Club Mahindra resorts makes sure that you leave the resort with more than just the memories of the delicious meal you savored; you also depart with its preparation methods. All of this is done so that you may replicate those memories for your family and friends at home.

Treehouse dining in Munnar

You may have amazing experiences with Club Mahindra. An unrealized childhood fantasy lies amid the many hues of green. Your private hideaway is concealed between several branches. The only visitors you have here are the sly clouds that hover outside of the open windows. When at Munnar, you can dine in a serene tree house surrounded by undulating hills and dancing streams. A little bird peers at your meal while you eat fluffy appam soaked in coconut curry. You inhale the air’s pervasive sweetness as a delicious aftertaste. A secure stairway with dependable rails going up to the treehouse allows your older parents to walk to their childhood fantasy as well. While sipping a scalding, hot cup of tea, you are surrounded by stunning vistas of mist-cloaked mountains.