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Children Of Suicide Of Cause And Solution To Exhibits Film ‘think Again ‘



_MG_3089These days we Canelo TV, read in the newspapers about suicides committed by children and tired of listening to commit suicide Lkoi child poverty spread in the case of an examination, singing on the steps taken by them is correct, Neither of us the answer to all these suicides Hogalpr how we can save it from being possible through a movie producer is going to show directive principle More Vikrant.

Cities Kefesta restaurant in Mumbai recently Blinder Films ‘Think Again’ associated with the film’s press conference, where the singer Irfan Khan were also present, including the all-star cast who sang best Hal’think Again the film “The film Children by the suicidal and the solution brought to the audience through the film in a film about the artist new Jaagalis choose to have the best performance by looking at all the selected artists who are very good at their job and During the conference, the artists Halpres serious about their roles to speak to the media.

Wings are going to be under the banner of Bollywood Entertainment blessed master artists in the film would show the rest of the cast in the lead role and Divya in Lata Sanjana, Jahan Syed Ahmed Hasim, Mustak Khan, Ganesh Yadav and Gulshan Pandey of Halfilm included shooting very soon other locations will be shot in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Producer / Director-Vikrant More, author -amit Gupta, associate director-Dntrrjay Singh, music-R Freemasonry, Rock (Ranjit), songwriter-Aleem Tahir, cameraman Rajesh Mishra, P., R. Lo -Sanjay Patiala Bhushan.

Swami blessed the artist, Divya Lata, Sanjana, Jahan Syed Ahmed Hasim, Mustak Khan, Ganesh Yadav and Gulshan Pandey and others.

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