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The brand is taking innovation to the next level with ground-breaking first everCopper based gel foam technology for mattresses


Mumbai, October 19, 2021:Centuary Mattresses, India’s fastest-growing mattress brand, is all set to launch its first-ever Copper-Gel technology for mattresses. With a legacy of more than 3 decades, Centuary has been the flag-bearer of innovation and advancement in the mattress industry. With the support from a US-based lab, Centuary invested more than a year for the indepth research of implementing Copper Gel Technology into mattresses. This research was conducted by a US-based lab across the top 8 markets of India. Being the first brand to migrate from Green Gel technology to Copper Gel technology, Centuary has affirmed its commitment of being the sleep specialist of India.

The new copper gel technology will help in minimizing the body heat against the surface of the mattress, enabling the consumer to have a ‘better sleep’ experience. Copper Gel has natural anti-inflammatory properties that provide pressure relief to the body. With these three unique features, Centuary Mattress promises its consumers to give them a great sleep experience.

Copper has several health benefits, given its natural and anti-viral nature which are essential for your body health. The combination of ThermaGelTM technology with the science of copper provides superior comfort and pressure relief.  This new and superior Copper-Gel technology can transform customer experience through unmatched thermal conductivity which balances the heat between the body and the mattress for undisturbed sleep.

Speaking on innovation, Mr.Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattress, said, “We have invested more than a year in the R&D. This research was conducted by a US-based lab across the top 8 markets of India. The in-depth analysis facilitated our vision of implementing Copper Gel Technology into our mattresses. We believe in constant innovation and delivering the best to the consumers. By introducing industry’s first-ever copper gel technology in our mattresses, we are looking at reiterating our commitment of creating more comfortable and healthier sleep solutions that are in line with the needs of our evolving consumer base. The Copper-Gel technology will be a key differentiator which will not only give us an edge being the innovators in the category but also change the way our consumers  experience sleep.”

Copper has several health benefits, given it’s natural and anti-viral nature. Studies have proven the complete inhibition of microbes such as S. aureus, E. coli, and K. marxianus with copper-infused foam. By imbibing its mattresses with this element, Centuary Mattresses has decidedly proven its mettle in terms of technological innovation as well as customer-centricity.