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Celebrating the Onset of Monsoons – Paper Boat Launches #FloatABoat



image005 (1)Paper Boat: makers of authentic Indian drinks and purveyors of goodness, are bringing back a long-forgotten flavor this monsoon: the sheer joy of folding a paper boat. Apart from enjoying a steaming bhutta or huddling in a blanket with a book, Paper Boat will celebrate India’s favourite season with the leitmotif of bygone monsoons: by reviving paper boats.

With their Hope Floats initiative, Paper Boat is encouraging people to relive the simple pleasure of making a paper boat –all for a good cause. For each paper boat that is created, and its picture uploaded with the hashtag #FloatABoat, Paper Boat will contribute Rs.20 towards supporting the primary education of children.

Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Neeraj Kakkar, Founder and CEO, Hector Beverages said “It was a surprising, but powerful insight that we stumbled upon: most of us have forgotten how to make a paper boat! A simple act that brought us tremendous joy! And what better time to do this than the monsoons? Our Hope Floats campaign has deliberately been mounted on digital – especially social-media– making it easy for everyone to participate in. Anyone, anywhere, with just a piece of paper, can hop aboard. The boats could be made with any paper at hand – a newspaper, old bills in your wallet, a post-it note.”He added, “It’s also our little effort to gift a bit of childhood to children who really need it.”

The campaign will be supported by a digital film made by Karishma Lintas that will be hosted on YouTube and other social platforms.

Excited about the social media campaign, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Creative Director, Karishma Lintas, Bangalore who created the film said, “With time, we often forget the little things that we did in our childhood. For example, while jamming for ideas, we realized we’d forgotten how to make a boat! At Paper Boat, we believe that there still remains a child deep down inside all of us, and just needs a little reminder. To bring out this child, we decided to get a few adults to make a paper boat just like they used to; knowing fully that most of them would have forgotten how. We knew for sure that with the help of their children, when the memories finally came back to them, it would put a big smile on their faces. And all this was done for a good cause.

Making a difference has never been easier, or more fun:

  1. Make a paper boat
  2. Upload a picture of it on the Paper Boat site(, OR on your Twitter and Instagram pages, OR on Paper Boat’s Facebook page (
  3. **Remember** to hashtagit,#FloatABoat
  4. Finally, spread the word f-a-r and wide and get your friends, family, enemy, pets and everyone involved too

To learn more about the initiative, hop on board at

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