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CEAT makes the Kumbh Mela a safer pilgrimage with innovative “SafetyBanner”



ceatNew Delhi, 26 February, 2019: The Kumbh Mela that started on the 15th of January 2019 is the world’s largest religious gathering which lasts for nearly two months. Approximately 130 million pilgrims and tourists attend this gathering which comes with its own set of safety challenges. CEAT, a leading tyre manufacturer identified three of the biggest challenges at the Kumbh as – injuries, crowd control and women’s safety. To overcome these challenges CEAT, introduced a Safety Banner which acts as a one stop solution to all these problems. CEAT today launched its digital campaign that communicates the problems faced at the Kumbh with an emotional touch and CEAT’s solution for these problems- The Safety Banner.

The CEAT Safety Banner is an easy to use multipurpose safety device which seamlessly transforms into a stretcher to carry the injured, a barricade for crowd control and a changing room. By conceptualizing CEAT Safety Banner, the company has taken its motto – Making mobility safer and smarter everyday – to a whole new level.

On the release of the digital campaign, Spokesperson said, “The CEAT Safety Banner allows the devotees to have a safe and hassle-free experience at the Kumbh Mela; which is one of the greatest gatherings in the world. Our idea was to develop a solution that connects with our audience and addresses some of the major safety concerns, that the authorities face in a mega event like this. Going forward we aim to create the right impact through initiatives like these and will continue our journey in making mobility safer and smarter for everyone.”