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‘Bombairiya is our ode to the city of Mumbai’, say British born producer Michael Ward



Michael & Pia 2What happens when a multi talented singer-songwriter, writer and actor dons the director’s hat and collaborates with her real life producer husband? The duo come together to create an affectionate satire on the city they love, Mumbai with an uplifting fable-esque storyline. Bombairiya, directed by debutante Pia Sukanya and produced by Indo-British Producer Michael Ward has already caught the industry eyeballs owing to its eclectic casting lead by Radhika Apte, Akshay Oberoi and Siddhanth Kapoor. Keeping this youthful trio company are talented names like Shilpa Shukhla and Ravi Kishan.

Pia Sukanya who has garnered much acclaim as an actor herself as Maria in West Side Story at the Cambridge Arts Theater playing opposite Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne and as Dorothy in the Indian adaptation of the Wizard of Oz, recently found her acting prowess put to good use when owing to a shift in schedules caused by the impending workers strike, she was forced to let go of an actor’s dates. The actor in question was supposed to play the part of Akshay Oberoi’s fiancé and at the last moment Pia was left with the unlikely task of recasting the actor or losing further shoot dates. Unhappy with the last minute options presented to her, Pia decided to take matters into her own hands and play the character herself.

Laughing about the situation Pia said, “Little did I think I would have to land up directing myself. But film making teaches us how to cope with a new challenge each day. It’s been a wonderful experience shooting Bombairiya so far and as we continue shooting, I anticipate even more challenges. But with the unwavering support of my producer Michael and my brilliant set of actors, every day on set throws up unexpected blessings.”

Producer Michael Ward chipped in saying, “Pia is a powerful director. Her vision and detailing are very clear. Her casting is spot on. And as has become evident in the recent past, it also helps that she has a whole different set of skills. What’s ironic is that Akshay was one of our witnesses when Pia and I tied the knot last year. Having produced the Far Pavilions for the West End stage at the Shaftsbury Theater for 200 shows and having co-directed Shilpa Shetty’s Dansical, Miss Bollywood with Pia, we are not strangers to last minute changes and challenges.

Bombairiya is our ode to the city of Mumbai, a place full of contradictions and wonderment, a city where anything is possible and like in our film, a city which can bring together strangers, turn them into frenemies and eventually into buddies, all within the space of one day

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