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Birthday bash Actress Poonam Dasgupta Luthra’s



22. Poonam Dasgupta DSC_6226Navam Luthra, Naveen Luthra and Actress Poonam Dasgupta Luthra’s bundle of joy celebrated his first birthday in grand style. The suburbs in Mumbai to be festooned with balloons and party decorations for a splashy bash to which Naveen Luthra and actress Poonam Dasgupta Luthra’s Bundle of Joy Navam Luthra turns one.

The venue had a theme with exotic décor especially for the cute lad. With customized cakes being in rage, Navin Luthra and Actress Poonam Dasgupta got their little one’s cake customized.  

The celebration witnessed silver screen’s Mahesh Thakur Deepak Parashar, Sara Khan, Surendra Pal, Tanuj Garg,, Vandana Sajnani And Rajesh Khattar, Pratyusha Banerjee, Soketu Parikh , MLA Aslam Shaikh, , Utkarsha Naik, Maharaja Of Kangra, Prashant Sharma to shower their blessings on the young, cute Navam Luthra.

A visibly elated Naveen Luthra says “Every parent’s wishes to make their child’s birthday the most special day of his life. Like every parent we wished the same and did everything possible to make the birthday special for Navam”.

Excited about the birthday bash Actress Poonam Dasgupta Luthra’s says “Navam is our life and we shall do everything what it takes to make his birthday special. You we cannot under estimate babies thinking they are too small to understand because Navam seems very excited for the evening”.

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