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Ms. Poornima Shankar - Himalaya R&D-scientist

Ms. Poornima Shankar – Himalaya R&D Scientist

Being a mother is a profound and unique experience, it is remarkably challenging but uniquely rewarding at the same time.  To be able to stretch and accommodate a new life while tackling skin changes, swollen feet, heartburn, bladder issues, nausea, and irregular sleep, to name a few, just so that your bundle of joy arrives safe and healthy is nothing short of a marvel! And that’s why mothers need special care, love, and attention – just like babies!

Himalaya, a leading home grown wellness brand understands that mothers need special care, both during and after pregnancy. To help you make this journey of motherhood healthier, smoother and more relaxing, we’ve formulated a range of products just for mums! Himalaya FOR MOMS, is India’s first herbal range of personal care products for mums, for pre and post-natal care, infused with the power of herbs and natural ingredients, bringing together the therapeutic properties of herbs and science of aromatherapy.

Providing an opportunity to experience the Himalaya FOR MOMS range first hand, we’ve organised an experiential soiree for mommy bloggers – Because You Need Taking Care of Too, in Mumbai.

In order to create the look and feel of the herbs that form key ingredients of the products, Himalaya created distinguished experiential zones aligned with variants of the product range – Lavender, Rose and Jasmine. Each zone was crafted aesthetically to bring out the natural essence of the herbs.

“It’s difficult to describe the emotions mums go through when holding tiny bundles of joy in their arms, happiness and awe are common feelings, but other emotions often come into play—unexpected feelings that range from confusion to self-doubt to anxiety. Our brand new range for mothers is the country’s first ever natural mother care range. Comprising of natural, safe, effective, gentle and clinically tested products for expecting and new mums, we bring on four products on the table for mothers’ skin and nursing Care”, said Ms Poornima Shankar, In-House R&D Scientist.

The meet-up included a one-on-one interactive session with Ms. Shankar, a mother of twins herself, where mums discussed their specific concerns on skin care during pregnancy and coping mechanisms to deal with the emotional roller coaster one undergoes during pregnancy. But it wasn’t all ‘work’. The experiences also extended to an indulgent pampering session for mums, so they could take a few hours off from their hectic life and relax!

Himalaya FOR MOMS range is formulated basis years of scientific research to ensure highest standards of safety and efficacy without having any side effects on the mother or the baby. The range is enriched with the goodness of aromatherapy along with herbs like lavender, cocoa butter and Aloe Vera.

The product range includes ‘Soothing body butter’, ‘Toning Massage Oil’, an ‘Anti-rash cream’ and a ‘Nipple Care butter’ catering to specific requirements of pre and post-natal skin care needs such as dryness, soreness and skin rashes. Himalaya will be introducing more products under this range in the coming year!

Relaxing fragrances play an important role in mood regulation and de-stressing during and post pregnancy. The body butters in the Himalaya FOR MOMS range come in different fragrances such as Rose, Lavender and Jasmine.  Lavender helps to keep the mind calm, the stimulating fragrance of Jasmine rejuvenates the senses and the uplifting fragrance of Rose brightens mood.

It’s Himalaya’s promise to make your journey through motherhood healthier, smoother and relaxing.

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