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Be Smart and Drykleen your car Vista Drykleen



Vista DrykleenVista Car Care™, an automotive detailing brand from the house of Resil Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. introduces Vista Drykleen, a revolutionary product. Vista Drykleen is an eco-friendly car wash that requires zero water to wash your vehicle. Vista is an emerging leader in automotive detailing products, serving every motor enthusiast’s need.

Water is considered a treasure in many countries all over the world. On the average, 80 liters of water is used by an individual for car and bike washing purpose. Vista Car Care™, introduces their latest innovation, Vista Drykleen, a waterless car wash. This revolutionary waterless product caters to customers of every segment while helping to save gallons of water every year. With waterless Vista Drykleen one can save an average of 29,000 liters a year.

For those who are passionate about their cars and also seek premium quality products this is the perfect solution.The ease-of-use and effectiveness of Vista Drykleen can be seen within minutes of its application on the car. This fabulous innovation is extremely beneficial in a fast-paced society like ours.The three-step usage procedure is the simplest there can be. Just spray, wipe and buff with a microfiber cloth and extend the shine of your vehicle. No mess is created, not a single drop of water is used, and a lot of time and effort is saved. This product offers brilliant shine, UV protection on continuous usage and makes the removal of dirt and bird droppings very simple