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BBQ nation mango

Mumbai, April 18, 2018: Barbeque Nation, India’s leading casual dining restaurant chain, has launched, ‘Mango Mania’ – A Festival for Mango Maniacs, offering a magnificent range of delicacies made with the king of fruits. Mango Mania will be on till the 30th of April at all Barbeque Nation outlets across Mumbai.

Indulging in Mangoes is an excellent way to take on the summer heat and the chefs at Barbeque Nation have gone overboard with their mango recipes to offer variety in taste to soothe the taste buds of discerning diners. There is a mango twist to every dish, from starters to the main course and desserts and the drinks, crafted specifically for mango enthusiasts.

Diners are welcomed with Aam Panna, Mango Toffee and Kacchi Kairi with Salt and Red Chilli Powder. The vegetarian starters includes, Dhanyari Kache Aam Grilled Veg, Raw Mango Stuffed Mushroom, Mango Mint Paneer, while non-vegetarians can indulge in Mutton Mango Seekh Kebab and Thai Fish with Mango.

The regular table accompaniments and dips are altered to Kache Aam Ki Chutney and Mango Salsa. Special salads like Mint Mango and Watermelon and Som Tum have also been introduced for the festival.

The live counters will have favourite street chaats like Pani Puri & Mango Tossed with Honey, while soup lovers can enjoy Mango Pumkin with Chopped Walnut soup.

Vegetarians can pamper their taste buds with Mango Kofta Curry, Peas Mango Pulao and Mango Dal. While non-vegetarians will be spoilt for choice with Raw Mango Fish Curry, topping the list.

The dessert section is packed with an inventive array of treats such as Chenna Payesh with Mango Rabdi, Mango Cheese Cake, Fresh Mango Pastry and Mango Syrup Slice. The Kulfi counter offers specialities like Raw Mango Kulfi, Mango Mint Kulfi and Aam Ras Shots.

Suman Mukherjee, Regional Head, Barbeque Nation, said, “Seasonal foods attract a lot of enthusiasts owing to its brief availability and offers us the perfect opportunity to be innovative and attractive to diners. Mangoes allow us to create a very large array of dishes across the board, thanks to its appeal and use in a great number of traditional dishes. Mango Mania is specially crafted for the mango maniacs and we guarantee our patrons, a refreshing new indulgence.”

From scrumptious starters to toothsome desserts, mango maniacs can pamper themselves with a large assortment of mango dishes, between the 15th and 30th of April.