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Anjaan Hai Woh Maa Ki Beti Kisi Aur Kok Se Aayi Hai … Zee TV’s intense family drama ‘Sanjog’



Two mothers from very different walks of life embark on a journey of discovering why they see so little of themselves in their own daughters on Zee TV’s intense family drama ‘Sanjog’

Strong faces Shefali Sharma, Kamya Punjabi, Rajniesh Duggall and Rajat Dahiya to play pivotal roles in this exciting new show at 10 PM on Zee TV, starting 22nd August ~

Mumbai, 17th August 2022: Zee TV, over the past 3 decades, has emerged as a broadcaster that brings its viewers stories that mirror their world, touches upon subjects close to their hearts and introduces them to characters that they fall in love with! Having collaborated over some interesting shows that have resonated beautifully with audiences across India, Zee TV and Rashmi Sharma Telefilms come together yet again to present viewers with a new fiction offering – Sanjog, an intense family drama showcasing the journey of two mothers, Amrita and Gauri, hailing from diverse backgrounds. They have one thing in common though – that unsettling feeling of not being able to see themselves in their own daughters. Little do each of them know that the daughter they have been raising all their lives comes from a womb other than their own! The intriguing narrative is all set to unfold, starting 22nd August and will air every Monday to Friday at 10 pm, only on Zee TV!

Set in Jodhpur, Sanjog has an exciting ensemble cast with strong faces such as Shefali Sharma and Kamya Punjabi playing the roles of the mothers – Amrita and Gauri respectively, budding young stars Hazel Shah and Hetvi Sharma will be seen playing the role of their daughters – Tara and Chanda. On the other hand, renowned actors Rajniesh Duggall and Rajat Dahiya will portray the roles of Rajeev Kothari (Amrita’s husband) and Gopal (Gauri’s husband) in the show.

Zee TV Business Head Aparna Bhosle said, “At 10 PM, we are proud to present Sanjog, an intense family drama that follows the journeys of two mothers hailing from diverse backgrounds – unaware that they’re raising daughters that are not biologically theirs. What follows is an intriguing narrative of what true motherhood is all about. With strong actors like Shefali Sharma, Kamya Punjabi, Rajniesh Duggal and Rajat Dahiya playing pivotal parts, we are confident that the audience interest will be piqued.”

Though the show has already managed to generate a lot of intrigue ever since its first promo went on air, Sanjog was unveiled in front of the media at a mega launch event in Mumbai recently amidst a Rajasthani set-up along with an authentic ambience to give everyone the true flavours of the show, its theme, culture and traditions. In fact, the media were invited for the character Tara’s 7th birthday celebration, during which the leading ladies of the show, Kamya Punjabi and Shefali Sharma, performed a skit depicting the core premise interestingly. They even joined a few Rajasthani dancers for an epic Ghoomar performance, adding a touch of excitement for the media.

In line with the show’s core premise of real motherhood being based on caregiving and upbringing rather than biological birth, Zee TV also invited a group of children from SOS Children’s Villages India, India’s largest self-implementing NGO in the field of securing wholesome childcare and development, to meet with our leads – Amrita (Shefali Sharma) and Gauri (Kamya Punjabi) during the launch event. The lead stars interacted with the children, Mothers and co-workers, heard their heart-warming journeys out, and pampered them with a lot of love, admiration and surprise gifts, making the day even more special for them. To know more about SOS Children’s Villages India’s relentless pursuit of providing quality care to parentless or abandoned children, please visit:

Shefali Sharma said, “I am thankful to Zee TV and Rashmi Sharma Telefilms for giving me this mega opportunity to play a distinct role like Amrita. I hope that I will be able to do justice to my character as she has very unique qualities She is sophisticated, kind and has natural motherly instincts. I am very sure that the audience will resonate with her and love her for who she is! What makes this show even more interesting for me is that I will be playing a mother on-screen for the first time and I am really looking forward to explore Amrita’s character.”

Kamya Punjabi also added, “I love to play roles that challenge me as an actor. Gauri’s character has been very well written and has a lot of layers. She is a strong, independent woman who has a very unique way of showcasing her love for her family. Sanjog follows the story of two mothers, Amrita and Gauri, who are unaware of the real reason why their children are so different from them. I am excited to see the audience’s reaction.”

Producer Rashmi Sharma of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms said, “Our association with Zee TV dates back to easily over 10 years ago and we have created some great content that has resonated well and connected with audiences and we are looking forward to recreating the magic with Sanjog. Our latest show is an interesting story of intricate mother-daughter relationships and it sensitively explores how motherhood is not necessarily only biological but emerges from raising your child with love and care. With a stellar cast on board, we hope the audience showers us with all their love.”

Mr. Sumanta Kar, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages India, expressed: “Such platforms provide a wonderful opportunity for children to interact with people from different walks of life, providing them, thereby, exposure – children feel happy, excited and motivated. Besides this, this exposure is also an important component of wholesome childcare and development that we strive to secure for every child in our care. At SOS Children’s Villages, the SOS mother plays a pivotal role in the development of children by ensuring wholesome development enabling them to become self-reliant individuals.”

Apart from Shefali Sharma, Kamya Punjabi, Rajniesh Duggall and Rajat Dahiya, Sanjog also boasts of an exciting ensemble cast including the likes of Vaishalee Thakkar, and Dolly Mattoo among the other talented actors. While the talented stars will surely impress you with their performances, it will be intriguing to witness if Amrita and Gauri are able to figure out why their respective daughters are so different from one another!

To know more about this complex family drama, tune in to Sanjog every Monday to Friday at 10 pm from 22nd August, only on Zee TV!

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