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IMG-20150208-WA0012Raipur’s leading infertility service provider AAYUSH TEST TUBE BABY CENTER has once again set benchmark by attempting and successfully establishing a unique record of “ maximum number(27) of embryo transfer in 6 hrs” in GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS  in presence of adjudicator Dr Manish Vishnoei, Indian representative Golden book of record .

Dr Vishnoei rigorously judged the entire attempt and handed provision world record certificate to renowned infertility specialist DR MANOJ CHELLANI for successfully creating world record of  “maximum number (27) of embryo transfer in 6 hrs”. Dedicated team of Aayush Test tube Baby Center followed the guideline of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and took intensive care of patients . The List of the preregistered patients was submitted for record. All the legislature /medical formalities were done as per the laws of the nation.


Embryos which were transferred were either ‘fresh’ or ‘frozen’. Embryo transfer was performed after various durations of embryo culture, conferring different stages in embryogenesis. The number of embryos transferred was either elective-Single Embryo Transfer (e-SET), Double Embryo Transfer (DET) or chosen as per law of the nation. Third party reproduction was allowed.


Dr Manish Vishnoei, adjudicator Golden Book of world records said “ It’s quite delightful to watch that Indian Doctors are making to GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS through their fanatical effort without compromising health of patients. Have witnessed the entire attempt quite closely and feel happy to announce that team of Aayush Test Tube Baby Center leaded by Dr Manoj Chellani have successfully created the record of “ maximum number (27) of embryo transfer in 6 hrs.”

Dr Manoj Chellani, Director and infertility specialist Aayush Test Tube Baby center said that “ I feel proud in becoming the first Indian Doctor to make such unique attempt of “ maximum number (27) of embryo transfer in 6 hrs.” Aayush Test Tube Baby center’s team has played a vital role in bringing this record to our name. Would take this opportunity to thank our patients for trusting us and accepting us as leading infertility provider.


 This record is for transferring ‘largest number’ of embryos by a team headed by doctor MANOJ CHELLANI with-in a period of 6 hours.

 For the purpose of the world record; an embryo transfer is defined as ‘a technique by which embryos are transferred to recipient female to establish a pregnancy’.

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