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कaksha – Covid cannot stop them from learning




Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.”-with this view in mind, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, 2020, Ignified Youth Social Foundation team organized a program which included several activities focusing on the goal of every child yearns to learn. The activity took place in five states of our nation, viz., Delhi, Rajasthan, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Meghalaya where the of IYSF active team members enthusiastically organized several programs for those kids who are deprived of online education due to lack of mobile phones/internet during this pandemic situation. IYSF members visited orphanages, slums and remote areas to indulge with these kids. Activities like poetry recitation, essay writing, storytelling were organized along with one of the team members giving online dancing lessons to the kids which they enjoyed thoroughly. Thankfully, all the members were greeted with overwhelming kindness and met a wonderful bunch of children. The team members also quoted that the enthusiasm of the children was infectious and made their activities enjoyable.

Ignified Youth Social Foundation is a community of young minds as well as a cultural blend of people from different backgrounds working for a varied range of social, cultural and environmental issues. Following the footsteps of revolutionary leader Shahid Bhagat Singh, Indian youth social group has been engaged with deprived communities in Jaipur, Rajasthan since 2014.

Together with supporters and volunteers, IYSF has successfully organized a number of community projects and activities at blind schools, slums, orphanages, special educational institutes and for mentally challenged as well as especially abled people.

Furthermore, the activities are not limited to mere special occasions. On August 22nd, 2020, IYSF team came up with this idea of providing education to these kids. A group of youngsters from different field of work belonging to different states has pledged to contribute their bit to the nation by educating slum and orphanage kids. Working under the name aksha’ – A Fun filled classroom to provide the weekly educational sessions to those who are deprived of the online classes during Covid19. The group teaches fundamentals of General Knowledge, English, Hindi and Mathematics. Along with general school subjects, the children are also engaged in extra curricular activities such as painting, dancing and sports.

Rupali Soni, Founder, IYSF said that “the group teaches to around 100 underprivileged kids at five different cities and villages of India. Change comes slowly, but with whole communities involved, a groundswell of demand and informed debate and engagement with policymakers, the bureaucracy, academia and media developers. IYSF team are making these kids learn how to read and write and make them better human beings”. It is everyone’s duty to contribute towards nation building. This is aksha’s Education Master Plan.

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