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The Decor Kart unveils a vibrant collection of Blue & White porcelain wares – The Blue & White Tradition



1st June 2022: The Decor Kart, a customer-centric luxury home décor brand, has recently announced the launch of an antique collection, The Blue & White Tradition- a curation of timeless blue-and-white porcelain ware that elevates home decor. With the unveiling of The Blue & White Tradition collection on its website, the company aims to reintroduce the 7th century Southern China art to its patrons in India.

The Blue & White Collection includes unique décor products and homeware in time-honoured designs that can inspire the design direction of an entire house. The latest, classic offering incorporates an exquisite array of luxury décor- decorative and wall-mounted vases, display plates, temple jars, contemporary tissue holders, as well as durable kitchenware- vintage dinner plates, striking platters, hand-painted bowls, chinoiserie teacups and mugs and Bone China casseroles.

Delighted with the launch of the new collection, Mr Nihal Kalra, Co-founder & CEO of The Decor Kart, said, “Since its inception, The Decor Kart has tapped into the ancestral roots of art to renew time-honoured artefacts with contemporary charm for our customers. The Blue & White Tradition is our ode to the ancient experiment performed in Southern China that spurred a wave of fervour across Europe. The aesthetics of the collection can accentuate any space with vivacity, grandeur and opulence.”

The Decor Kart in its latest collection has innovated with one of the most ubiquitous and breath-taking ceramics across the globe- the blue-and-white porcelain which exudes elegance to any nook and corner. The blue-and-white porcelain is celebrated for its striking white colour, translucent body, intricate designs and high-grade strength. The Bone China kitchenware is especially ideal for daily use, given its chip-resistant, durable and lightweight properties.

Founded in 2015, The Decor Kart is celebrated for its unique range of lifestyle home décor products that exhibit the best of classical elegance and contemporary designs. The lifestyle home décor brand has integrated an Omni-channel approach toward commerce, providing a consistent customer experience across all channels. Additionally, the company has strengthened its presence across Delhi-NCR and aims to expand its geographical footprint across Mumbai and UAE in the coming months.

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