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Swaraj Kapoor the dynamic entrepreneur and owner of “Mirabella” hosts the Sufi night with Suyyash Rai



5-swaraj-kapoorsuyyash-rai-and-ashish-sharma-with-a-friend-mti-news-2Swaraj Kapoor the dynamic entrepreneur and owner of “Mirabella” which is a majestic Luxury filled , elegant and yet quaint & cosy European-style café along with a , hip restaurant and bar with non-traditional influences, an elevated bar and dance floor with Suyyash Rai playing global music, and a dash of personal touch

This event was set up to Beat your midweek blues and to indulge yourself in an entertaining and foot tapping music with live performances with Bigg Boss Season 9 fame Suyyash Rai to perform at Mirabella5-swaraj-kapoorsuyyash-rai-and-ashish-sharma-with-a-friend-mti-news-45-swaraj-kapoorsuyyash-rai-and-ashish-sharma-with-a-friend-mti-news-35-swaraj-kapoorsuyyash-rai-and-ashish-sharma-with-a-friend-mti-news-7

When it comes to Sufi music, Mirabella sure canSelect Files present a show.

5-swaraj-kapoorsuyyash-rai-and-ashish-sharma-with-a-friend-mti-news-6Faisal Raza Khan , Kishwar Merchant , Rithwik Dhanjani, Ashish Sharma visited 5-swaraj-kapoorsuyyash-rai-and-ashish-sharma-with-a-friend-mti-news-5Mirabella not only for the music but also to enjoy the colourfully-lit place and delicious food offerings. The place offers tasty food and drinks that are just-right at pocket-friendly prices.

Swaraj kapoor says “It feels amazing to see the high octane music musically striking the heart beats of our guests ,Suyyash created a supersonic vibe around Mirabella and had the crowd swaying .”

Mirabella Sufi nights are the nights where you can indulge in the mystique and vivacity of this great culture and its music.

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