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Suniel Shetty launches ‘The Biohacker’!



Suniel Shetty: “‘Biohacker is my wisest collaboration”

The Entrepreneur, Actor, Investor & Mentor partners with Lalit Dharmani and launches the Healthcare giant, ‘The Biohacker’!

Date: 11th July 2023, Mumbai: With an aim to revolutionize health and redefine the future in India, serial entrepreneur and actor Suniel Shetty has invested in the DIY healthcare venture ‘The Biohacker’. Also known as human enhancement or human health optimization, biohacking is a term used to describe a new age do-it-yourself biology. It involves people making incremental changes to their bodies, diet, and lifestyle to improve their health, performance and well-being.

Founded by the fitness enthusiast, Mr. Lalit Dharmani, ‘The Biohacker’ is a full-service Integrative Health & Wellness Clinic committed to transform the healthcare sector by focusing on cellular-level enhancement. Headquartered in Chembur, ‘The Biohacker’ provides services that focus in hacking your body and mind through specialized technological advances to get the best results in attaining the healthiest version of oneself. The Integrated Medical Practitioners at ‘The Biohacker’ opine that technology can be used to track and improve the health and wellness conditions of an individual in a holistic manner.

Speaking about the collaboration, Suniel Shetty said, “I’m excited about ‘The Biohacker’ as it is definitely my wisest collaboration till date since it explores the impact of the groundbreaking approach of biohacking on our personal health and society. There is rapid growth in the healthcare and fitness sector to improve the lifestyle of people, and, ‘The Biohacker’ interests me because of their approach towards wellness, starting right from the diagnosis to therapeutic treatments by using high-end technology. It seeks to uncover our genetic make-up, discover its ancestry and seek out the ideal combination of nutrients and lifestyle choices to achieve optimal health. Over the next few years, Biohacking can be a powerful tool that will revolutionize how we think about health, nutrition, and human potential. It’s a fascinating world of science, technologies, and innovative companies globally driving this movement, now available in India, which will not just improve your body with technology but build your immune system to inspire others!”

Founder, ‘The Biohacker’, Lalit Dharmani said, “Through the use of the latest preventive and curative techniques, we aim to alter people’s behaviors and lifestyles in order to boost their immunity and protect their health. This will happen by monitoring an individual’s health, data analytics, and hi-tech tests done at the cellular level. Our centers are being set up in India with in-house facilities that test different aspects of the human body to ensure health optimization and longevity. The focus is to reduce the biological age of an individual so that overall health is maintained.”

The growing global movement of biohacking, has the potential to alter the conventional methods of treatment and healthcare. By harnessing the power of genetics, ‘The Biohacker’ aims to optimize an individual’s health through hi-tech therapies like Intravenous Laser Therapy, IV Ozone Therapy, NAD+ Therapy, Peptide Therapy along with IV Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, Infrared Ozone Therapy and Vitamin Shots. The advanced testing also includes Biomarkers – DNA Test, Gut Microbiome Test, Oligoscan Test and Vivoo Urine Analysis. personalized diets, supplements, probiotics, amongst many others.

Suniel Shetty is widely recognized as an astute investor and venture capitalist. ”The Biohacker’ is an addition to his diverse portfolio of investments in the healthcare industry that includes FITTR, which raised funding from Sequoia Capital in Pre-Series A Funding in 2020. His previous investments also include the men’s grooming company Beardo, which raised funding from Venture Catalyst and Marico Ltd, Bodyfirst Wellness Nutrition Pvt. Ltd, the Indian science based wellness group with nutraceutical products and Aquatein, the fitness start-up that manufactures protein water to help the body cut fat deposits and retain lean muscle without any fillers.