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Mumbai born Sandhya Shetty has conquered the fashion industry and achieved a remarkable status with her incomparable physique and electrifying presence.
Graduated in English literature, a versatile fashion model, tall dusky sultry and a stunner, Sandhya Shetty has set runways and magazine covers ablaze with sophisticated sultry style and singular no – nonsense attitude that together have made her a fashion authority.

Sandhya Shetty, FEMINA MISS INDIA 2000 FINALIST & VATIKA SUPER MODEL 2002 IST RUNNERS UP, has proved that her talents reach from beyond the realm of being a super model. She has channeled her interest and talent into a wide range of creative ventures including trained in NCC-Army wing and participating in Republic Days Parade saluting the Prime Minister of the country, Government sponsored Young Ambassador’s role in Canada, writing and acting.

Sandhya was inclined towards fashion and modeling right from her early days of college. This inclination saw her doing a brief stint in fashion designing, to get the first-hand-knowledge of fashion and styling. She feels, “Fashion modeling is unique in creating great illusions.” When she is on the ramp, her transformation from an innocent girl to the epitome of seductive elegance is just mind-blowing. With one friendly smile, she transforms the image of a model with an attitude into the girl-next-door to a great perfection.

As a model, Sandhya loves to be in front of the camera all the time. A perfectionist, she believes, “To achieve one’s goal in life, one has to be self disciplined and a dedicated soul. Modeling is one of the toughest professions in the world. Life of a model is full of disciplined upbringing, habits and sacrifices.” To excel in life is what Sandhya truly believes in. She attributes her success to cope with the round-the-clock work pressure to her loving family and her GOD loving attitude.

Sandhya Shetty a Black Belt-2nd Dan, strongly believes ” To be a successful model, it takes a great amount of intelligence and discipline apart from being just a pretty face and have a great body.

Her journey of 16years of karate has thought her great deal of passion towards life and discipline to deal with life in a very strong way. Her 1st state karate championship in 2007 where she bagged double gold medal and from then on the consistent journey of winning medals as of this year 2017 ,10 years of relentless and passionate journey has made her a very strong woman. Winning  Commonwealth karate championship gold medal for India was her proud moment of glory when she could bear the Indian National flag with great honour and pride and live her dream of being a patriotic soldier who won for the country. She lives her dream of being called a woman who has the beauty brain and the brawn. Being powerful and feeling like a fighter empowers her to feel liberated in many ways and inspire herself and others to get out of the comfort zone and get into exploring multiple zones of life with no fear.
She is all set to fly in July to kazakhstan for her Asian karate championship and in August 1st week for the South Asian championship to srilanka. Her will to keep working hard and always trying to achieve higher goals keeps her on top. The shetty warrior is surely making India proud . Sandhya quotes “our choices shape our life choose your dreams to be reality just work hard and be yourself”.
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