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Richfeel announces another major breakthrough in Hair Care



award_about_5Mumbai, February 9, 2017:  Meaningful breakthroughs in hair care especially when it comes to men are few and far between. Therefore there is a great deal of excitement about Richfeel’s latest innovation. It’s a never before idea that actually improves the hair fertility of men and fights Hair Loss and all the stages in between such as Hair Thinning and Hair Fall. The innovation led to a product – Anagain. Developed from the awe inspiring rejuvenating power of the pea sprout the treatments involve depth applications and sessions under a machine called the 50 D Hair Stimulator. The results have indeed been astounding during the test phase.

Dr. Apoorva Shah the Father of Trichology in India and Dr. Sonal Shah his pioneering wife and partner have worried for years about this epidemic of hair loss in young men.  The joy of Richfeel consolidating its steady dominance of the hair health market was somewhat diminished by the growing number of young men coming to the clinics with a problem that seemed to defy genuine solutions. Dr. Shah put together an international team of scientists and placed the challenge before them. It took years of work but the breakthrough did happen. The Indian- Italian – Swiss team of Dr Apoorva Shah, Dr. Sonal Shah, Dr. Fred Zuili and Dr. Fulvio Ferrari were soon the owners of a patent of remarkable usefulness to society. They decided to rigorously test the product.

In fact Dr. Fulvio Ferrari was the very first test subject. In his words, “This breakthrough was so outstanding in its potential that I felt compelled to volunteer myself as the first test subject. I wanted to be sure that the test parameters would be uncompromising in their exactitude. To be honest, like in any research project, I was not sure what the effect would be. What happens in a test tube and what happens in a real life situation can be quite different. Every day was suspense filled. Till I started to see my scalp disappeared behind a richer, lusher crop of my own hair. Anagain’s Hair Fertility is truly life changing. And the first life it changed was mine. I am proud to be a part of the team that discovered it. This is our gift to the world.”

Dr. Sonal Shah, Founder, Richfeel, is exhilarated that they managed to keep Richfeel’s promise to the young men of India. “I cannot tell you how heart breaking it is to see the confusion and broken confidence on the faces of young men who should be focusing on their careers instead of worrying about hair on their pillows and combs.” 

Dr. Apoorva Shah, Founder, Richfeel gave us an insight into how the breakthrough happened.

“Many studies conducted by scientists across the world have clearly established that the pea sprout has an enzyme that is excellent for skin. We decided to use this potential on the hair and scalp. We found the results were amazing. This happens because of a significantly increased ratio of anagen (growth phase) to talogen (resting phase) hair.  Our research on the pea and its sprout has now clearly established its beneficiary effects on hair – keeping hair healthy, vibrant and lush.”

Richfeel’s Anagain will now be available to the young men of India. Dr. Apoorva Shah, Dr. Sonal Shah, Dr. Fred Zuili and Dr. Fulvio Ferrari – the brains trust responsible for its invention will launch the product together on the February 06, 2017.  The truly unusual idea of Hair Fertility is now an astounding reality.

Richfeel is a brand synonymous with hair and scalp care in India and across the world. Richfeel is founded by the worlds leading Trichologist and Pioneers of Trichology in India – Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah. Richfeel, with 85 clinics across India has, become the largest trichology clinic chain of the world. Richfeel has been the hair care expert to Femina Miss India for last 16 years and it has also been honoured as India’s Most Trusted Hair Care Brand by ‘The Brand Trust Report’ India. Richfeel has also been awarded with Hair Restoration Service Provider Company of the Year by the Frost & Sullivan India Healthcare Excellence Awards 2014.